Nakroth Hero Guide

December 30, 2017 Rice Secretary 0

Nakroth’s Item Builds Nakroth’s Stats and Abilities Nakroth Overview Nakroth is a complex assassin/warrior hero who can quickly maneuver around the map to pick off targets and help push objectives. He has a number of [ … ]

The Joker Hero Guide

December 29, 2017 Rice Secretary 0

The Joker’s Item Builds The Joker’s Stats and Abilities The Joker Overview The Joker is a marksman hero that plays like an assassin. An icon of the DC universe, The Joker’s abilities help him quickly [ … ]

raz hero guide

Raz Hero Guide

December 28, 2017 Nicholas Archer 0

Raz’s Item Builds Raz’s Stats and Abilities Raz Overview Raz is a mage assassin who specializes in getting quick but powerful hits on his opponents. He is adept at harassing opponents while juking around the [ … ]

Arena of Valor 2018 Hero Skins

Hero Skins List

December 28, 2017 Rice Secretary 26

Hero Skins Arena of Valor has a wide collection of hero skins featured in this gallery. This page will be regularly updated on new releases. Airi Kunoichi (Default) Viper Shadowstrike Bloodraid Racer Sakura Fubuki Sakura [ … ]

Recommended Settings

December 27, 2017 Rice Secretary 0

Recommended Settings The in-game screen can be customized through the settings screen, which is accessed by tapping the gear in the top right corner. Settings for General and Control are crucial in terms of gameplay, [ … ]

Violet Hero Guide

December 27, 2017 Nicholas Archer 2

Violet’s Item Builds Violet’s Stats and Abilities Overview Violet is a marksman who picks off enemies with high powered, long range shots. She is both great at early game harassment and carrying late game. Violet’s [ … ]

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