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Server Differences

December 21, 2017 Green 3

Overview Despite the rollout of update 11 to all game servers which brought most of the servers closer together in terms of similarity, there are still a few differences that players may notice between regions. [ … ]

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Ormarr Hero Guide

December 21, 2017 Rin Tohsaka 0

Ormarr’s Item Builds Ormarr’s Mobile Version Stats and Abilities Ormarr Overview Ormarr is a melee hero who specializes in stunning and slowing enemies to ensure their demise. He is especially deadly when supporting allies, locking [ … ]


Zephys Hero Guide

December 20, 2017 Rin Tohsaka 3

Zephys’ Item Builds Zephys’ Stats and Abilities Zephys Overview Zephys is a warrior/assassin hero capable of dominating a battle even when at critical health. His abilities consist of dashes and engages that can easily surprise [ … ]

How to Play Assassin Heroes: Guide

December 19, 2017 Rice Secretary 0

How to Play Assassin Heroes: Their Important Role Source: Arena of Valor YouTube Assassins are specialized in dealing burst damage, making them good at quickly taking out monsters in the jungle and at defeating enemy [ … ]

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