Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Sothis Regalia Costume Female Byleth

Sothis Regalia DLC Costumes Now Available

December 20, 2019 Ersatz Ifrit 0

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Released Sothis Regalia DLC Costumes for Expansion Pass Users Yesterday, Nintendo announced that a new “Sothis-themed” DLC costume is available for download exclusively for paid Expansion Pass players. This DLC costume [ … ]

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Oathkeeper Keyblade Stats

December 20, 2019 Wolf Knight 0

Oathkeeper Keyblade Stats [Stats] Strength: 7 Magic: 8 [Abilities] Situation Boost, MP Converter Form Change: Light Form, Double Form OKP (with Oblivion) How to Obtain Oathkeeper Obtained from the Moogle Shop (Version 1.07). Requires Proof [ … ]

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Oblivion Keyblade Stats

December 20, 2019 Wolf Knight 0

Oblivion Keyblade Stats [Stats] Strength: 8 Magic: 7 [Abilities] Situation Boost HP Converter Form Change: Dark Form, Double Form OBV (with Oathkeeper) How to Obtain Oblivion Obtained from the Moogle Shop (Version 1.07). Requires Proof [ … ]

DLC Versions Announced

December 18, 2019 Wolf Knight 0

DLC Versions Kingdom Hearts 3’s awaited expansion Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind will include new and returning characters, gameplay features, and story events. The latest trailer shown in Sony’s State of Play on December 10th listed [ … ]

New Characters Revealed So Far

December 18, 2019 Rin Tohsaka 0

New Characters Announced for ReMind Following their E3 2019 Reveal, Kingdom Hearts III ReMind, the highly anticipated DLC unveiled a roster of new supporting characters. Here, we briefly touch on the characters that are scheduled [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Hologram Guide

December 17, 2019 Rin Tohsaka 0

Overview Sam can construct buildings in the overworld. Upon unlocking Portable Chiral Constructor (PCC) level 2, Sam can also fine-tune the structure to his liking. Among the unlocked custom features are holograms which Sam can [ … ]

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Battle Tower Matthew

Matthew (Battle Tower) Post Game Guide

December 17, 2019 Ersatz Ifrit 0

Battle Tower Guide for Trainer Pokemon Breeder Matthew Recommended Pokemon Fighting: Cinderace, Hawlucha, Sirfetch’d, Falinks, Conkeldurr, Machamp, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Pangoro, Gallarde, Bewear, Scrafty, Throh, Sawk, Lucario Trainer Matthew’s Pokemon Here is a list of [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Porter Guide

December 17, 2019 Rin Tohsaka 0

Overview Porters are friendly npcs that carry valuable items in their cargo. Unlike the rowdy MULEs, Porters lend a hand and wave at Sam when he comes across them. Interact with the Porters Porters share [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

How to Find the Secret Room

December 17, 2019 Wolf Knight 1

Peter Englert’s Secret Room This article contains spoilers. After clearing the game, head to Peter Englert’s shelter west of Lake Knot City. You will discover that the door to his quarters will be open. Follow [ … ]

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