Arena of Valor Wukong Default

Wukong Hero Guide

January 5, 2018 Junior Representative 0

Wukong’s Item Builds Wukong’s Stats and Abilities Wukong Overview Wukong is an assassin/warrior hero who is able to jump in and out of fights with his deceptive abilities. He can also deal huge amounts of [ … ]

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Peura / Payna Hero Guide

January 5, 2018 Junior Representative 0

Note: on some servers, Peura is referred to as “Payna.” Peura’s Item Builds Peura’s Stats and Abilities Overview Peura is a Support hero who excels at buffing and healing her allies during team fights. Offensively, [ … ]

Arena of Valor Preyta

Preyta Hero Guide

December 25, 2017 Junior Representative 0

Preyta’s Item Builds Preyta’s Stats and Abilities Preyta Overview Preyta is a ranged mage hero who specializes in harassing opponents, dealing damage, and displacing enemies during team fights. He is especially deadly in teams that [ … ]

Alice Hero Guide

December 25, 2017 Junior Representative 0

Alice’s Item Builds Alice’s Stats and Abilities Alice Overview Alice is support hero capable of disrupting the enemy front line and providing buffs to her allies. Her abilities allow her to cast Area of Effect [ … ]

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Ormarr Hero Guide

December 21, 2017 Junior Representative 0

Ormarr’s Item Builds Ormarr’s Stats and Abilities Ormarr Overview Ormarr is a melee hero who specializes in getting into the enemy team and stunning them with his brutal strikes. He is especially deadly in one [ … ]


Zephys Hero Guide

December 20, 2017 Junior Representative 0

Zephys’ Item Builds Zephys’ Stats and Abilities Zephys Overview Zephys is a warrior/assassin hero capable of dominating a battle even when at critical health. His abilities consist of dashes and engages that can easily surprise [ … ]

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