Recommended Experience Points | Mementos and Palace Summary [Persona 5/P5]

Persona 5 Recommended Experience Points | Mementos and Palace Summary 

On the importance of earning experience
The way to earn experience value with “Persona 5” is that it is needed to enter Synthetic or Palace or Mementos. In addition, if you want to earn the experience value of a hero or character, there is no other way than to break into Palace or Mementos. Therefore, the experience value will be finite (if there is some difference).

Where you can earn experience points
■ Madara Palace (first half)
Madara Palace is divided into the first half and the second half, and it is forcibly thrown out on the way.  Because the way itself is shorter than Kaneshida Palace, leeway will remain until arrival at departure point.
When you arrive in the central garden, you should return to the previous area once, and then 3 enemy shadows will appear. In addition,  you can fight 5 enemies with a shadow at the same time thus it is highly recommended for you to battle in the area (try to check your HP and SP so that they do not run out).  Furthermore, as there are many enemies with weak gun attributes in this area, it is also an advantage to fight while preserving the SP.

Recommended Experience

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