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Detroit: Become Human Game Overview

Detroit: Become Human is an upcoming video game exclusive for the Playstation 4 and is developed by Quantic Dream, a team who is known to develop groundbreaking story-driven titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

The game is set in a futuristic version of Detroit, Michigan wherein androids and human coexist in the city. However, some androids often turn into deviants, and it is the task of Connor, the deuteragonist of the game, to hunt down these deviants in order to retain the peace in the city.

The protagonist, Kara, is one the deviant androids who escaped from the factory where she was made. Although she does not seek destruction as she only wanted to “feel human” and explore the world, she is still hunted down by the authorities because deviants have no place in the city.

After Kara has escaped from the factory, her newfound goal is to release the other androids working as slaves from humans so that they could have freedom like humans.

Detroit: Become Human was derived from a tech demo that Quantic Dream has released in 2012 named “Kara”. In the tech demo, Quantic Dream showcased what they can do using their newest engine by rendering realistic facial expressions. The tech demo was received with positive feedback that Quantic Dream was prompted to make the tech demo a full-fledged game. ¬†Valorie Curry, who played as Kara in the tech demo, will be reprising her role, while David Cage wrote the script for the game which took him more than two years to write.

The game still has no exact release date, but the developers stated that it will be released in 2018.

Detroit: Become Human Trailer

Source: Youtube

Title Detroit: Become Human
Genre Action-Adventure
Platform Playstation 4
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer Quantic Dream
Release date 2018