Trials of Mana Remake - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Trials of Mana Strategy Guide Page containing walkthroughs, strategy guides, character information, job classes, game databases, tips, tricks, news, and updates for the action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

News and Updates

Trials of Mana Remake - News and Updates

▼News and Updates


Trials of Mana Remake - Walkthroughs

Prologue Chapter Walkthroughs

▼Prologue Chapter Storyline Walkhroughs
Duran – Kingdom of Valsena Angela – Kingdom of Altena
Kevin – Kingdom of Ferolia Charlotte – Holy City of Wendel
Hawkeye – Nevarl Fortress Riesz – Citadel of Laurent

Chapter 1 Walkthroughs

▼Chapter 1 Storyline Walkhroughs
Jadd Stronghold Rabite Forest
Lakeside Town Astoria Rabite Forest Revisited
Lakeside Town Astoria Revisited Cascade Cavern
Holy City of Wendel Cascade Cavern Revisited
Jadd Stronghold Revisited Free City of Maia
Golden Road Stonesplit Gap
Free City of Maia Revisited Dwarf Village
Dwarf Tunnel Molebear Moors
Kingdom of Valsena Merchant Town Beiser

Chapter 2 Walkthroughs

▼Chapter 2 Storyline Walkhroughs
Palo Port Heavensway
Laurent Secret Base Finding Koropokkur Village
Koropokkur Woods Gusthall
Citadel of Laurent Ghost Ship
Beuca Island Tomato Town
Seaside Cavern

Chapter 3 Walkthroughs

▼Chapter 3 Storyline Walkhroughs
Snow Hamlet Alrant Frostbite Fields
Labyrinth of Ice Desert Capital Sirhtan
Burning Sands Oasis of Diin
Fiery Gorge Moonlight Town Mintas
Duskmoon Forest Chartmoon Tower
Lampbloom Woods Flowerburg Dior
Lampbloom Woods Revisited

Chapter 4 Walkthroughs

▼Chapter 4 Storyline Walkhroughs
Oblivisle Celestial Peak
Sanctuary of Mana Rescue Faerie in Altena
Rescue Faerie in Ferolia Rescue Faerie in Nevarl Fortress

Chapter 5 Walkthroughs

▼Chapter 5 Storyline Walkhroughs
Shimmering Ruins Daria, Gem Valley
Gusthall Revisited Labyrinth of Ice Revisited
Fiery Gorge Revisited Chartmoon Tower Revisited
Woods of Wandara Holy City of Wendel Revisited

Chapter 6 Walkthroughs

▼Chapter 6 Storyline Walkhroughs
Ancient Capital Pedda Crystal Desert
Dragonsmaw Jungle of Visions
Mirage Palace Night Cavern
Dark Castle Sanctuary of Mana Revisited


Boss Guides

Trials of Mana Remake - Boss Guides

Chapter 1-3 Boss Guides

▼Chapter 1-3 Bosses
Fullmetal Hugger Machine Golem R
Jewel Eater Harcypete
Zehnoa Bill & Ben
Gova Machine Golem S
Bill & Ben Rematch Beast Ludgar

Chapter 4 Boss Guides

▼Chapter 4 Bosses
Lightgazer Land Umber
Dangaard Fiegmund
Xan Bie Dolan

Chapter 5 Boss Guides

▼Chapter 5 Bosses
Zable Fahr Darkshine Knight
Jewel Eater Rematch Harcypete Rematch
Fullmetal Hugger Rematch Crimson Wizard
Goremand Grapplavine Rematch
 Zehnoa Rematch Gova Rematch
Tainted Soul Malocchio

Chapter 6-7 and Secret Boss Guides

▼Chapter 6-7 and Secret Bosses
Mondoragon Dark Lich
Archdemon Golden Knight
Angela King of Ferolia
Revenant Mimiqueen
Empreeb Anise
Black Rabite



Trials of Mana Remake - Characters

Playable Characters

▼Trials of Mana Playable Characters
Trials of Mana - DuranDuran Trials of Mana - AngelaAngela Trials of Mana - HawkeyeHawkeye
Trials of Mana - RieszRiesz Trials of Mana - KevinKevin Trials of Mana - CharlotteCharlotte

Other Characters

▼Trials of Mana Other Characters
Faerie Flammie Vuscav
Crimson Wizard Goremand Belladonna


Mana Spirits

▼Trials of Mana Spirits
Wisp Gnome Sylphid
Shade Salamando Undine
Luna Dryad

Mana Spirits


Trials of Mana Remake - Classes

Tier 1 Classes

▼Standard Class
Trials of Mana - WarriorWarrior Trials of Mana - MagicianMagician
Trials of Mana - GrapplerGrappler Trials of Mana - ClericCleric
Trials of Mana - ThiefThief Trials of Mana - AmazonAmazon

Tier 2 Classes

▼Light Path Class ▼Dark Path Class
Trials of Mana - KnightKnight Trials of Mana - GladiatorGladiator
Trials of Mana - SorceressSorceress Trials of Mana - MysticistMysticist
Trials of Mana - MonkMonk Trials of Mana - BrawlerBrawler
Trials of Mana - PriestessPriestess Trials of Mana - EnchantressEnchantress
Trials of Mana - RangerRanger Trials of Mana - NinjaNinja
Trials of Mana - ValkyrieValkyrie Trials of Mana - Rune MaidenRune Maiden

Tier 3 Classes

▼Light/Light Path Class ▼Light/Dark Path Class
Trials of Mana - PaladinPaladin Trials of Mana - LiegeLiege
Trials of Mana - Grand DivinerGrand Diviner Trials of Mana - ArchmageArchmage
Trials of Mana - Divine FistDivine Fist Trials of Mana - Warrior MonkWarrior Monk
Trials of Mana - High ClericHigh Cleric Trials of Mana - SageSage
Trials of Mana - NomadNomad Trials of Mana - RogueRogue
Trials of Mana - VanadisVanadis Trials of Mana - StarlancerStarlancer
▼Dark/Light Path Class ▼Dark/Dark Path Class
Trials of Mana - EdelfreiEdelfrei Trials of Mana - DuelistDuelist
Trials of Mana - Rune SeerRune Seer Trials of Mana - MagusMagus
Trials of Mana - EnlightenedEnlightened Trials of Mana - Fatal FistFatal Fist
Trials of Mana - WarlockWarlock Trials of Mana - NecromancerNecromancer
Trials of Mana - Ninja MasterNinja Master Trials of Mana - NightbladeNightblade
Trials of Mana - Fenrir KnightFenrir Knight Trials of Mana - Dragon MasterDragon Master

Tier 4 Classes

▼Light Path Class ▼Dark Path Class
Trials of Mana - Divine HeroDivine Hero Trials of Mana - BerserkerBerserker
Trials of Mana - Mystic QueenMystic Queen Trials of Mana - SpellbinderSpellbinder
Trials of Mana - Beast KingBeast King Trials of Mana - AnnihilatorAnnihilator
Trials of Mana - High PriestessHigh Priestess Trials of Mana - ChaosbringerChaosbringer
Trials of Mana - WardenkeepWardenkeep Trials of Mana - VigilanteVigilante
Trials of Mana - MeteoriteMeteorite Trials of Mana - BrynhildrBrynhildr


Strategy Guides

Trials of Mana Remake - Strategy Guides

Beginner Guides

▼Beginner Guides
Changes in the Remake Game Controls
Game Difficulty Permanent Events
Which Character Should You Choose? How to Change Classes
Character Attributes

Useful Guides

▼Useful Guides
Best Classes for Each Character Best Party Combinations
Best Equipment for Each Character Best Classes Ranking
Stat Allocation and Abilities All Class Skills and Abilities
Mana Spirit Abilities Chain Abilities
Unlocking Tier 4 Classes Class Change Items
Money Farming Item Seed Farming
Fast Leveling Guide How to Get Goddess Scales
How to Reset Training Points How to Reset Classes
How to Change Costumes All Li’l Cactus Locations
Black Rabite Locations New Game+ Guide
Post-Game Unlockables

Strategy Guides

Game Database

Trials of Mana Remake - Game Database


▼Equipment Database
Weapons Headgear
Armor Accessories


▼Skill Database
Class Skills and Abilities Chain Abilities
Mana Spirit Abilities


▼Enemy Database
Regular Enemies Benevodons
Boss Enemies



Game Overview

Trials of Mana Remake - Game Overview

Trials of Mana is a remake of the original action role-playing title released on the Super Famicom in 1995.

Trials of Mana Remake - Game Overview

The game follows the adventures of six unique heroes who are united in a quest to battle malevolent monsters of destruction called Benevodons by obtaining the legendary Sword of Mana.

Trials of Mana Remake - Game Overview

Trials of Mana features real-time combat, allowing the player to control three characters in a party. Exploration is split between towns and the country overworld, with players encountering enemies and interacting with the environment and objects such as chests and hidden passages.

Trials of Mana Remake - Game Overview

Among the most anticipated elements to be included in the game is the unique class system. Characters are able to switch to either “light” or “dark” versions of job classes to learn new skills and abilities.

Game Trailer

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Product Information

Game Trials of Mana
Genre Action/Role-Playing
Platform Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Release date April 24, 2020
Official Website