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Pokemon Sword and Shield Strategy Guide Page containing game walkthroughs, game databases, strategy guides, tips, tricks, news, and updates for the upcoming Pokemon game developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. It is scheduled for release in ate 2019.

News and Updates

Pokemon Sword and Shield - News and Updates

Galar region locations and their possible inspirations!

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galar Region Upper 1/3 Section

  • Let’s analyze each section of the Galar Region in Pokemon Sword and Shield and find out which locations in the United Kingdom they might be based on! READ MORE…

Gen 8 Starter Dual-Type Speculations!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Dual Types

  • Following the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield during the Pokemon Direct, we’ve broken down some of our speculations on the possible dual-type combinations each of the Generation 8 starting Pokemon will have! READ MORE...

Game Overview

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Game Overview

Announced on the Nintendo Pokemon Direct on February 27, 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield is the latest entry in the long-running Pokemon series of role-playing adventure games. The upcoming game will be set in a brand new region called Galar.

Galar Region – Based on the United Kingdom!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar Region

Many regions in past Pokemon games were inspired by real countries. Among these are Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh (Japan) Unova (New York, USA,) Kalos (Paris, France,) and Alola (Hawaii.)

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar Region Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar Region

The Galar region looks like it is aesthetically based on the United Kingdom, featuring a vast explorable countryside, modern cities, and snowy mountains. The most recognizable landmark is the clock tower which easily invokes images of London’s famous Clock Tower.


Pokemon Sword and Shield is the second Pokemon game to be released on the Nintendo Switch, after Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Nintendo’s portable console hybrid brings the game’s many locations to life in a bigger way, making the player feel more immersed in the game world in a way akin to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Areas range from grassy countrysides and snow-veiled cities to underground mines where different Pokemon are encountered.

Pokemon Battles

Pokemon Sword and Shield Trainer Battle
Pokemon battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield seem to be retaining much of the series’ Trainer battle design. From the picture above, the player character is challenged by what appears to be a female student upon being spotted.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Trainer Battle

The player versus the challenging Trainer beginning their battle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar Region

A rival Trainer sending out a Grubbin in battle.

Redesigned Pokemon League?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Stadium

A scene in the announcement event shows the player character walking out to what seems like a giant stadium. It is highly speculated that this may be the new design of the Pokemon League, typically the last destination in the game where the best trainers in the region test their skills against the Elite Four and League Champions.

The scene above is reminiscent of soccer championships in the United Kingdom, highlighting the game’s hinted design inspiration.

New Legendary Pokemon!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary Pokemon

Though not shown in the announcement event, the legendary Pokemon is traditionally depicted as the mascot of each game. From the design of the game’s logos, it could be speculated that the legendary Pokemon would be wolf-like in appearance. It is also possible that that the legendary Pokemon may actually be just one but with two different forms available on each version of the game.

New Starter Pokemon Revealed!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Grookey Pokemon Sword and Shield Scorbunny Pokemon Sword and Shield Sobble
Name: Grookey Name: Scorbunny Name: Sobble
Type: Grass Type: Fire Type: Water
Description: A mischievous Chimp Pokémon that is full of boundless curiosity. Description: A Rabbit Pokémon that is always running about, bursting with energy. Description: A somewhat timid Water Lizard Pokémon that shoots out attacks as it hides itself in the water.

Appearance in Pokemon Direct Announcement Video

Pokemon Sword and Shield Grooky Pokemon Direct

  • The three new starter Pokemon have also been revealed. The grass starter Pokemon is called Grookey and is described as a naughty primate.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Scorbunny Pokemon Direct

  • The fire starter Pokemon is called Scorbunny and appears to be a fleet-footed rabbit. Scorbunny leaves embers wherever it stands.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Sobble Pokemon Direct

  • The water starter Pokemon is Sobble, a timid amphibian that can camouflage itself when in water.

Announcement Video

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

Game Information

Game Pokemon Sword and Shield
Genre Role-Playing
Platform Nintendo Switch
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Late 2019
Official Website https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/