Wizards Unite, the World of Magic at Your Doorstep

Get your wands ready and head for platform 9 3/4, Potterheads! Niantic is planning to create an augmented reality (AR) game based on the beloved series, Harry Potter! With Niantic opening the door to the system used by Pokemon Go, the world as we know will soon become the magical world of wizards and witches with the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Wizards Unite
Source: Niantic Official Site

Features of Wizards Unite

Similar to their AR flagship game, Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite turns the world as we know it into a large game board. Ordinary muggles like us will soon have the capacity to wield magic and even meet the many fantastic beasts that exist in their world. We’ll even learn the spells needed to fight them.

Not only will we meet the legendary and hostile Obscurus, there’s also bound to be Dementors lying around. But not all the mystical creatures will be hostile. Magizoology will definitely be one of the topics us muggles-turned-wizards will be learning for Wizards Unite. In addition, there will probably be Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and so many other spells that will let us interact with the many creatures within the magical world.

Finally, Wizards Unite features a social aspect in which wizards must team up to fight terrifying creatures that overwhelm even the most powerful of wizards and witches. As such, this game isn’t just the usual catch and leave. It’s a game that literally takes us from the real world and immerses us into the world of JK Rowling – the world of wizards, witches and magic!

Release date

Unfortunately, Niantic is still mum as to when the game will be released. However, it’s definitely a game worth waiting for, as the childhood wishes and dreams of many will soon come to life in Niantic’s latest release.

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