This is a Marvel’s Spider-Man Wiki and Strategy Guide page containing story walkthroughs, boss strategy guides, game databases, news, updates, cheats and tips and tricks for the action-adventure video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the Playstation 4. It will be released on Q1 or Q2 2018.

Game Overview

Spider-Man is one of Marvel Comics’ most celebrated superheroes, spawning various films and video games featuring the popular mutant web-slinger throughout different story and timelines. First appearing in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962, it was eventually adapted into its first animated television series in 1967. The first video game featuring character was released in 1982 on the Atari 2600, simply titled Spider-Man. The franchise would soon go on to be adapted into more than 15 video games, covering console, portable and mobile games.

The upcoming Playstation 4 title Marvel’s Spider-Man will be the first Spider-Man game to be featured on the 8th generation console. In 2014, Marvel Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment agreed to produce a Marvel game as a first arty SIE title. Development of the game was handled by Insomniac Games, known for popular games such as Spyro, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance.

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s narrative focuses on 23-year-old Peter Parker as a lab intern nearing his graduation from college. The character has assumed responsibility of protecting New York City (from which he has done so for eight years at the start of the game) against criminals and strange threats. During the early parts of the story, Spider-Man defeats Wilson Fisk but a new gang known as the Inner Demons take over the villain’s territory. Other adversaries confirmed to appear in the game are Kingpin and Mister Negative.

It was announced in April 2017 that Marvel’s Spider-Man would be released on that same year. However, during Sony’s E3 2017 conference, it was revealed that the launch date of the upcoming title would be moved to 2018. Sometime later, it was confirmed for release in the first half of next year.


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Title Marvel’s Spider-Man
Genre Action / Adventure
Platform Playstation 4
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer Insomniac Games
Release date Q1/Q2 2018