AIC 2018 Final Weekend Recap

December 17, 2018 Rice Secretary 1

Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) Final Weekend Recap Coming into the double-elimination final four, AHQ from Korea and J Team from Taiwan appeared to be the favorites over upstarts Team Flash from Vietnam and [ … ]

Y’bneth Hero Guide

September 20, 2018 Green 0

Y’bneth’s Item Builds Y’bneth’s Stats and Abilities Y’bneth Overview Y’bneth is a tank warrior who can catch people in its branches and hold them still for a punishment. The first tree to walk the Antaris [ … ]

Y’bneth Item Builds

September 20, 2018 Green 6

Y’bneth Item Builds How to Play as Y’bneth Y’bneth’s Stats and Abilities Item Guide Core Items These items are necessary in order to play Y’bneth optimally. Only diverge from a core item if you are [ … ]

Who is Wiro Sableng?

September 10, 2018 Green 1

Overview Those who have been paying attention to the Arena of Valor’s activity around the world may have noticed the introduction of a new hero to the Indonesian server: Wiro, the 212 Warrior. What people [ … ]

Amily Arena of Valor

Amily Hero Guide

September 3, 2018 dtwo 4

Amily’s Item Builds Amily’s Stats and Abilities Amily Overview Amily is a Warrior/Tank hybrid that plays a bit like an assassin. Her Duel passive gives her greatly enhanced damage on single targets, while the passive [ … ]

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