Clash Royale Game Overview

Clash Royale is a competitive mobile game that features a mix of collectible card games, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) and tower defense. The main objective of the game is to battle against another player to destroy towers in a chosen arena. Players can either try to take more towers than their opponent, or try to destroy the enemy player’s King’s Tower (the latter of which results in an instant victory).

Each player utilizes various types of units and spells, appearing in the game as cards. A deck consisting of eight cards is used to attack, counter and defend against the opposing player’s own set of cards. Four cards will be available to each player at random during the start of every match. Players are able to play each of them by paying the required amount of elixirs (similar to mana in other popular trading card games).

There are a variety of different arenas in Clash Royale, each being unlocked as the player accumulates more trophies through matches. Unlocking an arena will also grant the player special cards. This is with the exception of the Legendary Arena.

Players will be ranked according to their level and owned trophies. By donating or upgrading their cards, players will be able to gain experience points to level up in the game.

Clash Royale makes use of currency for buying gems in the game’s card shop. These allow players to obtain various chests, cards and gold from the shop, as well as giving them access to challenges and tournaments.

The game is constantly being updates, with Supercell adding more cards, arenas, events and balances to provide a more competitive and fair experience to all players in the game.

With its release on March 2, 2016, Clash Royale was hailed as the top-grossing app on the North American iOS App store, having become the most downloaded game during the period. Owing to its popularity and competitive gameplay, it has spawned a variety of major tournaments held in various regions throughout the year.


Source: Youtube

Game Clash Royale
Genre Strategy
Platform iOS/Android
Developer Supercell
Publisher Supercell
Release date March 2, 2016