Hey! Pikmin - Wiki (Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks)

This is a Hey! Pikmin Wiki and Strategy Guide for the new action game developed by Arzest and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.

Hey! Pikmin Wiki (Walkthrough and Strategy Guide)

This is a Hey! Pikmin Wiki and Strategy Guide page containing walkthroughs, strategy guides, tips and tricks for the new action game developed by Arzest and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is scheduled for release on July 28, 2017.

Game Overview

The Pikmin series are real-time strategy games created by Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo. Pikmin involves the player commanding a horde of strange creatures with plant-like characteristics called Pikmin to collect items throughout the game. Players will need to destroy obstacles, avoid hazards and traps, and defeat hostile fauna during the Pikmin‘s adventures.

Hey! Pikmin is a spinoff title to this adorable series. Announced by Nintendo on April 2017, the upcoming game will be the first title to not be developed by Nintendo, which will be handled by Arzest. Hey! Pikmin will adopt a 2.5D side-scrolling adventure gameplay.

Players will control Captain Olimar who controls a group of Pikmin which he can utilize during levels. The Pikmin will allow Captain Olimar to defeat foes, clear obstacles or collect items similar to the original games. The main collectible item in the game is Sparklium which players need to collect throughout each level.

There is little that has been revealed in terms of the game’s main story. Early footage of the game reveal that Captain Olimar is exploring a world inhabited by Pikmin aboard a blue ship pod that is very similar to the Research Pod. In even newer promotional material, Captain Olimar is seen flying an S.S. Dolphin 2 through a field of asteroids. He soon loses control and plummets on an unknown planet with Pikmin all around. It is during this trailer that the game explains Olimar’s quest to refuel his ship by collecting Sparklium Seeds to either resume his previous mission or return to his homeworld.


Nintendo Offers Rewards Ahead of Release (June 6, 2017)

Hey! Pikmin, the spinoff title to the strategy game Pikmin on the 3DS is set for release on July 28, 2017. With the momentous date quite far off, Nintendo offers a selection of cool rewards for players to enjoy.

Click here to read the full story.

What are Pikmin?

Pikmin are myserious creatures that appear to be plantlike in nature. They are highly intelligent and resourceful, and can work very well as a group to accomplish a common goal.

These strange creatures can be commanded by Captain Olimar, who appears to have just crash-landed on the Pikmin‘s home planet.

To be able to leave the planet inhabited by Pikmin, Captain Olimar will have to increase the population of Pikmin and use them to help him repair his spaceship. Parts that can be used to repair the ship can be found all around the planet.

Various obstacles are found all throughout the planet. Some may come in the form of earthen walls or gigantic fruits, and even enemies blocking Captain Olimar’s path.

Hey! Pikmin will encourage coordination between you and your team of Pikmin to overcome obstacles in the game. You’ll need to be well acquainted with the abilities and behavior of your little friends to get through the hardest of situations.

Hey! Pikmin – The First Side-Scrolling Game in the Series

Previous games in the Pikmin series adopted a real-time strategy gameplay. For the first time in the franchise, Hey! Pikmin will be adopting a 2.5D side-scrolling format found in action games.

This gives the game a more exciting and adrenaline-driven feel. You’ll need to avoid traps and obstacles, as well as defeat foes along the way.

This new approach to the series as a spinoff can be seen as an effort to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS being more at-home with such types of games.

Pikmin amiibo to be Released During the Game’s Launch

A special amiibo figure will also be available for purchase upon the game’s release, thanks to the effort of certain Nintendo titles to popularize their significance in-game. Among them is the well known Splatoon series.

The Pikmin amiibo is said to allow a special function in the upcoming game “to call Pikmin whenever you want”.


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Game Hey! Pikmin
Genre Action/Side-Scroller
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Developer Arzest
Publisher Nintendo
Release date July 28, 2017

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