Tips and Tricks: Automatic Coin Farming [Mario Kart 8 Deluxe]

Coin Farming Method

This article will provide a summary on how to efficiently farm coins in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It includes the method on how to set up an automatic coin farming.



Coins in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have 3 uses, and one of them is unlocking new karts and parts. Every coin collected will be added to the overall coin account, and you will unlock an item for every 50 or 100 coins collected. However, only 10 coins can be collected per race, and time will be required if unlocking all items.

Set Up for Automatic Coin Farming

First select 2p Multiplayer then VS Race. Middle weight characters are the best option for this method as they have decent speed and high acceleration.

Any kart can be used when farming coins, but different karts will take different lines. The recommended kart option to use for this method is Standard ATV/Sponge/Plane Glider and City Tripper/Sponge/Plane Glider. When choosing karts, press the + or -button to open the stats menu then press L and R to enable Smart Steering and Automatic Acceleration for both characters.

After choosing characters, you will have to customize the race setting. The setting should be 200cc Grand Prix/No Teams/No Items/No CPU/All Vehicles/Choose/48 Races.

Recommended Course

The best course to use for this method is Moo Moo Meadows since the average coin collected per race is 9.8, takes less effort to choose the track itself after each race ends, and it is a very short course therefore has a high coin per second ratio. After all settings are done, the only thing needed to b done is pressing the A button to choose the next course after each race ends.

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