Metal Gear Survive Game Overview

Metal Gear Survive is an survival action-adventure game developed by Konami Digital Entertainment. It is published by Konami for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game marks the departure of series creator Hideo Kojima from Konami towards the end of 2015. Metal Gear Survive is expected to come out in early 2018.

Metal Gear Survive features an open-world gameplay first introduced in Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain. The game will enable cooperative multiplayer mode where players can form a party of three members online to progress through the missions. If played solo, the two party members will be controlled by AI. These characters can be issued orders during play.

The game’s events take place in a time period between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This means that there are significant events that have taken place and have been unaccounted for by those two games.

Metal Gear Survive‘s narrative follows the evacuation of Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller from the Mother Base as it comes under siege. During the chaos, a wormhole forms in the sky which transports the surviving Militaires Sans Frontieres soldiers to an alternate reality. They find themselves surrounded by hostiles “creatures” which resemble crystalline zombies. With what they can scavenge and use in their environment, they must make it back to their homeworld at all costs.

Word of Metal Gear Survive came to light during the 2016 Gamescom event, though development of the game was hinted as early as 2015. Tomotada Tashiro, president of Konami Europe explained that the game will provide players a “fresh take on the series’ famed stealth elements”. There was also emphasis on the game’s online feature, with Tashiro describing it was a “unique co-op setting that is designed for a truly engrossing multiplayer experience”.

Metal Gear Survive Trailer

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Game Metal Gear Survive
Genre Survival / Action-Adventure
Platform Microsoft Windows / Playstation 4 / Xbox One
Developer Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher Konami
Release date Early 2018