Kirby:Planet robobot – Area6-6-1BOSS

Boss “Meta Knight Borg revision”

メタナイトボーグ 6-5

● Phase 1

Attack pattern ① “Piercing attack”

・From the air aimed at the Kirby we will have to attack pierced by sword. Star of pieces comes out when you pierce the ground.

Attack pattern ② “Rotate the sword”

・The middle of the screen will attack while rotating with the sword in. Avoid into the air. Star of pieces comes out after the attack.

Attack pattern ③ “Aerial rotation cutting”

・ You put the sword while rotating in the vertical in the air. The shock wave will occur while the last landing. Star of pieces is issued at landing.

Attack pattern ④ “Missile”

・ A missile to launch towards the Kirby. Missile is possible suction.

● Phase 2

Attack pattern ① “Slammed tail”

・ The tail will come to attack slammed from the top toward the Kirby. Star of the pieces you get when you slammed the tail on the ground.

Attack pattern ② “Tail disturbance thrust”

・ The tail will have a continuous thrust attack in the tail toward the Kirby. Finally, we have the once big butt attack. Star of pieces comes out after the last attack.

Attack pattern ③ “Continuous shock wave”

・Tail sticks on the ground, you have to launch the sword of a shock wave in a row from the air. Shock wave may be turned off with the edge of the screen, you get the pieces of the star.

Attack pattern ④ “Tail grab”

・ Screen and the movement in the back, you will be caught Kirby brandishing a tail. Avoid flying in the air.

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