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The new Assassins Creed Origins Tech has finally helped Ubisoft's vision be realized. But what exactly helped them realize Assassins Creed Origins?

Assassins Creed Origins Tech Vision Realized

Ubisoft often developed way ahead of their time. The visuals were grand with large scale models. The NPCs interacted with the character without having to press the “talk” button. With that, the Assassins Creed franchise became increasingly realistic. However, Ubisoft said that its “only now” that the Assassins Creed Origins Tech Vision has been realized. The enhancements from the Anvil Game Engine along with a variety of mechanics has finally brought Assassins Creed Origins back on track.


The Grand Designs for Assassins Creed Origins Tech

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With the new Assassins Creed Origins Tech, Ubisoft is planning to reinvent the Assassins Creed franchise. Not only do they plan to make Assassins Creed Origins Open World but, the Assassins Creed Origins tech they have also changes some of their mechanics. The tech allows them to create more battle-oriented portions of the story. They replicate and try to stay true to the authenticity of Ancient Ptolemic Egypt. Players can engage in Arena Boss Battles, explore other parts of Giza, and many other things. In fact, Ubisoft also leaked that they intended to create a Discovery Tour for Assassins Creed Origins. The franchise’s creative director, Jean Guesdon, mentioned that for they’ve been wanting to create the Egyptian Brotherhood for a long time:

“I’ve been working on [the series] for 11 years now, since Assassin’s Creed 1. We’re dealing with human history, something that’s so rich that the possibilities are endless and we’ve already explored many time periods,” Guesdon told us.

“We still have many choices left but Egypt was one of the most desired settings by players and ourselves. We felt that we were ready to build it and recreate it as accurately as possible. Now we have the tech to do whatever we want and the ideas are not missing.” – Jean Guesdon, Creative Director for Assassins Creed

What was the tech that brought AC: Origins to life

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Guesdon mentioned that the kind of console on hand became a factor. The console needed to be “mature” and “powerful” enough to handle the kind of quality they demanded out of the AC franchise. And with the new Assassins Creed Origins Tech, it could do it.

“When you talk about recreating an entire country it requires a powerful console and consoles are now mature enough to allow us to bring that with a level of quality you’d expect,” he said.

Even with AC: Unity and AC: Syndicate coming out, they didn’t have the same kind of hype that AC: Origins had. Assassins Creed Origins generated a big hype not only because of the new mechanics and new Assassins Creed Origins Tech. But, ultimately, because of lore. If one played the Assassins Creed franchise, everyone knew that Altair was the best of the best. Next to him, Ezio and Edward Kenyway. But now, players finally have one of the questions answered. Where and when exactly did the Assassins Brotherhood begin? What was the context? Why create such an organization in the first place?

It also brings in-depth the lore of the Templars. All throughout the games, the Templars are seen as power hungry and insane. However, AC: Origins brings Templars back to the way it was before: The Order of the Ancients. And thanks to the new Assassins Creed Origins Tech, players can fully immerse themselves into not only the history of Egypt but the history of the Brotherhood itself.

Will it be available on VR?

Despite it being a possible option, the development team did not see VR as a goal for the immediate future. Guesdon however mentioned that “maybe one day, the two will meet”, hinting the possibility that Discovery Mode may become available on VR (Virtual Reality).

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