E3 2016 : EA PLAY 2016 announcement summaries! “BF1” 32vs32 play and “Titan fall 2” is announced


Contents of the EA press conference

A latest information of “Battlefield1!” announced (Trailer 13:40-)

・Play of 32vs32 that I used the actual console was carried out. (Trailer 2:00:00-)

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The vehicle which it is performed with familiar conk est mode in the series,
and Vehicle was used in World War such as a tank and the zero fighter is an appearance.

Release “Titanfall 2” is decided!! (Trailer 40:00-)

・Single Player Gameplay Trailer

・Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

“MADDEN NFL17” announcement (Trailer 51:00-)

The latest trailer of “MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA” shows it

“FIFA17” announcement (Trailer 1:05:30-)

New IP created EA original “Fe” announcement! (Trailer 1:17:00-)

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