God of War 4 Wiki (Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks)

God of War 4 Wiki (Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks)

This is a God of War 4 Wiki and Strategy Guide page containing walkthroughs, strategy guides, tips and tricks for the new action adventure game developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Entertainment Interactive for the Playsation 4.

Game Overview

The God of War franchise has been hailed as one of the best action games ever to be released on the Playstation game consoles. Beginning with God of War released on the Playstation 2 in 2005, the title spawned an extensive series of sequels that would deliver an adrenaline-fueled action experience with each successive game. The follows the journeys of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who would go to exact his revenge on the Olympian gods who betrayed him.

News of development for God of War 4 was announced at the first annual PlayStation Experience event on December 2014. In 2016, news of the game’s leaked concept art had been reported, revealing that the next installment will feature Kratos in a world of Norse Mythology. Confirming this information was E3 2016’s official presentation of the game, simply titled God of War and affirmed its development for the Playstation 4. The title has been called a continuation of the series after 2010’s God of War 3, though it will be a “reimagining” of the franchise as a whole. The gameplay demo played during the event showed Kratos and his son Atreus on a hunting exercise. They encounter a troll and work together to defeat it. This bond between Kratos and his son is expected to be an interesting gameplay element in God of War 4, where both characters will need to coordinate their actions to overcome certain obstacles and enemies in the game.


Sony: Focus More on Narrative, Less on Hack-n-Slash

With E3 2017 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017) set to kick off next week (June 13), anticipation continues to grow to a fever pitch as God of War 4 is set to be one of the main attractions in Sony’s appearance at the show this year, and is said to adopt a more open-world and narrative-centered gameplay.

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Gameplay Features

  • Norse Mythology Setting

Veering away from the series long-running lore and setting, God of War 4 will take place in a Nodic region with rich Norse mythology present in the game world. In the image above, Kratos and his son prepare to take on what appears to be one of the Jotun – a mythological race of giants in Nordic legend.

  • Kratos and His Son Atreus Work Together

For most of the series, the God of War Kratos has worked independent of allies in combat. Because of this, it might have given him the freedom to unleash his wrath against foes standing in his way. God of War 4 takes an interesting turn by featuring Kratos’ own son Atreus in combat with him, who is capable of firing arrows and channeling electricity at enemies to aid his father based on the gameplay demo.

  • Kratos Uses an Axe Instead of His Chain Blades
Kratos wielding the double-chained blades in God of War: Ascension.

Perhaps known as his signature weapon, Kratos has used the double-chained blades for most of the games in the series. In this installment, he is now using an axe that appears to be imbued with magic.

Kratos in God of War 4 with the axe.

It will be interesting to see how the demigod fares against his foes without his previous weapon, or if the chain blades will appear in the game at all.


  • Kratos

The battle-tested Spartan warrior revealed to be a demigod, Kratos returns in the latest installment with a full beard and has somewhat aged well. He maintains his muscular build and fearlessness while caring for his son Atreus who is trains in the art of battle and survival.

  • Atreus

Atreus is Kratos’ son from an unknown woman. The boy wields a bow in battle and can conjure electricity, owing to his lineage to Zeus from his father.


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Main Story

Main Story Walkthrough
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Side Missions

Side Missions Walkthrough
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Game Database


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Equipment Directory
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Items Directory
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Strategy Guides

  • Boss Guides
  • Crafting Guide

Tips and Tricks

  • Post-Game Unlockables


  • Trophy List
Game God of War 4
Genre Action / Adventure
Platform Playstation 4
Developer SIE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date TBA

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Its time for an update.
This game is the Story of Atreus son of Freya (Warror Woman who has many Secrets) and Kratos (Ghost of Sparta, Slayer of Gods)