Main Characters [Gravity Rush 2]

The original cast is joined by some new faces in the latest installment of the gravity-twisting game Gravity Rush 2.

Most of the main characters from Gravity Rush make their return in Gravity Rush 2, in addition to the new ones that are introduced throughout the game.

Returning Characters


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The main protagonist of Gravity Rush, Kat started out with no memory of who she is. Being granted the power to manipulate gravity at will, she saved Hekseville from destruction during the events of the first game. In Gravity Rush 2, she finds out more about her past while uncovering the mystery behind the cause of the gravity storm that hit Hekseville.


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A mysterious girl with the same powers as Kat, Raven started out as a rival to Hekseville’s Gravity Queen. She eventually becomes an ally and helps Kat save Hekseville from being reduced to ruin in the first game. Her partnership with Kat as a fellow Shifter continues in Gravity Rush 2.


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A police officer in Hekseville, Syd is one of the first people that Kat met during the events of the first game. He is also the one who gave Kat her name since she couldn’t remember her own.


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Dusty is a mysterious black cat who gave Kat her powers to control gravity.

New Characters


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The tough-as-nails woman at the helm of the Banga Settlement, Lisa leads her people with an iron fist. Though this only masks a caring individual determined to work for the welfare of those around her.


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Cecie is the shy and reserved adopted daughter of Lisa. She works as a herder in Banga and has to endure the strict nurturing of her mother.


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A shady merchant who deals with all kinds of clients. He heads the trading company Sun Shipping with talks that he illegally buys and sells military equipment.


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