Akantor : Walkthrough and Weakness point

This content is guide Akantor of weakness, measures. In addition to describe the breakable parts and effectivenes.


  • Akantor


state Cut Imp shot Fire Water ice Thun. dra
Head Head Head × ×

Element/Status Effectiveness


Hitzone Cut Imp Shot Fire Water ice Thun. Dra
Head 50 50 60 0 5 0 20 20
Neck 35 30 20 0 5 0 15 20
Stomach 35 40 25 0 5 0 15 15
Torso (Back) 20 25 25 0 5 0 15 20
Tail 30 25 30 0 5 0 30 30
Forelegs 25 35 15 0 5 5 15 20
Hind Legs 30 30 15 0 5 0 15 20

Status Effectiveness

Status Damage Dulation Effective
Poison 240 60 sec ×
Paralysis 10 sec ×
Sleep 30 sec ×
Stun 10 sec
Fatigue 300 ×

Item Effectiveness

Items Nomal Anger Tired
Shock Trap × × ×
Pitfall Trap × × ×
Flash Bomb 5 sec 5 sec 5 sec

Akantor Walkthrough


The Monster Hunter series called “Supremacy Wyvern”, flying Wyvern species of monsters to be paired with “Ukanlos” ice attribute.
Appearing in the field of volcanic region called Ingle Isle.
In Monster Hunter Gen, Quest is added if your HR is more than 60.

Walkthrough point

  • Effective dragon attributes and lightning.
  • I want to aim for head, such as during down because the head is soft and most weakness.
  • Trap item is disabled, can not be installed in the field. Flash Bomb is effective to stop the monster, but the effect time is short.
  • If you hit sonic bomb during the monsuter charge the Wind Tonnel,it fall for 5 or 6 sec.
  • Wind Tonnel is much greater damage and long range,you must be careful because it is possible that you die at once the attack.It received a lot of damage if your dragon resistance is low, because Wind tonnel is a dragon attribute.
  • It fall if it takes a certain damage for its rear leg.it is chance to attack its head during it fall.
  • Its chest and back gets soften if you break its chest,also water and ice attribute gets effective.
  • it is danger that your defense degraded by Akantor’s attack with its fung.it is effective recovery means that use Adamant Seed.
  • Cool drink is required because field is hot.
  • The attack wielding the tail must be careful Because reach is quite long. Reach becomes short if cut its tail.
  • It leaks breath from its mouth when it is angry .
  • Akantor is not a tired state.
  • Akantor’s roar cases damage even if you have HG Earplugs.

Akantor attack pattern

Attack pattern More info
Roar It stands and roars.its roar is wide range effective and made you stagger.
You take damage near even if you have HG Earplugs.
In addition, lava is ejected around after it roars.
Fang push-up attack Attack the forward like dig up the ground with fangs.
Body Press Lift the upper body and attack slammed to the ground.
Sometaimes,it is used in repeatedly.
Height of the surrounding ground is changed to after the move.
Tail attack Tail mow backward to attack with its tail.
The attack is long reach becouse its tail is long.Reach get short if you cut the tail.
Wind Tonnnel it makes its body and fire sound waves staraight toward the front.
this attack cant be able to guard and is a lot of damage,is doragon attribute.
it is possible you dead at once if you take the attack.
it dives to the ground and use the attack,After often move.
you make it fall if you hit it Sonic bomb during it get fire ready.
Push up Fang and Tail attack it push the guround up while mow off around it with its tail.
Attack range is wide and dangerous.
Rush Rush toward the hunter and fall plunged forward.

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