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Monster Hunter Generations ( MHGen ) : This content is an appeared monster list. You can see if you need detailed monster information such as weekness and warkthrough.


Debut Monsters

Glavenus Key Quests Glavenus Gammoth_Key Quests Gammoth Astalos Key Quests Astalos Mizutsune Key Quests Mizutsune
Great Maccao_Key QuestsGreat Maccao Malfestio_Key QuestsMalfestio Nakarkos_Key QuestsNakarkos  

Bird Wyverns

Gendrome_Key QuestsGendrome Great Maccao_Key QuestsGreat Maccao Gypceros_Key QuestsGypceros Malfestio_Key QuestsMalfestio
IodromeIodrome VelocidromeVelocidrome Yian Garuga_Key QuestsYian Garuga Deadeye Yian GarugaDeadeye Yian Garuga
Yian Kut-Ku_Key QuestsYian Kut-Ku


Tetsucabra Key QuestsTetsucabra Drilltusk TetsucabraDrilltusk Tetsucabra Zamtrios_Key QuestsZamtrios

Brute Wyverns

Brachydios Key QuestsBrachydios Duramboros_Key QuestsDuramboros DeviljhoDeviljho Eat Anger DeviljhoEat Anger Deviljho
Glavenus Key QuestsGlavenus Hellblde GlavenusHellblde Glavenus Uragaan_Key QuestsUragaan Crystalbeard UragaanCrystalbeard Uragaan


Daimyo Hermitaur_Key QuestsDaimyo Hermitaur Stonefist HermitaurStonefist Hermitaur Shogun Ceanataur_Key QuestsShogun Ceanataur

Fanged Beasts

ArzurosArzuros Redhelm ArzurosRedhelm Arzuros BlangongaBlangonga BulldromeBulldrome
Gammoth_Key QuestsGammoth Kecha Wacha_Key QuestsKecha Wacha Lagombi_Key QuestsLagombi Snowbaron LagombiSnowbaron Lagombi
RajangRajang angry_RajangAngry Rajang VolvidonVolvidon

Fanged Wyverns

Zinogre Key QuestsZinogre Thunderlord ZinogreThunderlord Zinogre

Flying Wyverns

AkantorAkantor Astalos Key QuestsAstalos Khezu_Key QuestsKhezu Nargacuga_Key QuestsNargacuga
Silverwind NargacugaSilverwind Nargacuga Rathalos_Key QuestsRathalos Rathian_Key QuestsRathian Silver RathalosSilver Rathalos
Gold RathianGold Rathian Dreadking RathalosDreadking Rathalos Dreedqueen RathianDreedqueen Rathian Seregios Key QuestsSeregios
Tigrex Key QuestsTigrex Grimclaw TigrexGrimclaw Tigrex UkanlosUkanlos


Agnaktor_Key QuestsAgnaktor Lagiacrus_Key QuestsLagiacrus Royal Ludroth_Key QuestsRoyal Ludroth Mizutsune Key QuestsMizutsune
Nibelsnarf_Key QuestsNibelsnarf


Seltas_Key QuestsSeltas Seltas Queen_Key QuestsSeltas Queen

Piscine Wyverns

Cephadrome_Key QuestsCephadrome Lavasioth_Key QuestsLavasioth Plesioth_Key QuestsPlesioth

Snake Wyverns

Najarala_Key QuestsNajarala

No type

Gore Magala Key QuestsGore Magala

Elder Dragons

AlatreonAlatreon AmatsuAmatsu ChameleosChameleos KirinKirin
Kushala DaoraKushala Daora Nakarkos_Key QuestsNakarkos Shagaru Magala Key QuestsShagaru Magala TeostraTeostra

Nicknamed Monster

Redhelm ArzurosRedhelm Arzuros Snowbaron LagombiSnowbaron Lagombi Stonefist HermitaurStonefist Hermitaur Dreedqueen RathianDreedqueen Rathian
Drilltusk TetsucabraDrilltusk Tetsucabra Silverwind NargacugaSilverwind Nargacuga Crystalbeard UragaanCrystalbeard Uragaan Deadeye Yian GarugaDeadeye Yian Garuga
Dreadking RathalosDreadking Rathalos Thunderlord ZinogreThunderlord Zinogre Grimclaw TigrexGrimclaw Tigrex Hellblde GlavenusHellblde Glavenus


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