Great Maccau : Walkthrough and Weakness point

Monster Hunter Generations(MHX):This content is guide Great Maccau of weakness, measures. and describe the breakable parts and effectivenes.

Great Maccau

  • Great Maccau


state Cut Imp shot Fire Water ice Thun. dra

Element/Status Effectiveness

Hitzone Cut Imp Shot Fire Water ice Thun. Dra
Head 63 63 60 30 20 20 10 5
Torso 42 42 35 20 10 10 10 0
Tail 63 63 60 30 20 20 10 5

Status Effectiveness

Status Damage Dulation Effective
Poison 150 30sec
Paralysis 10sec
Sleep 40sec
Stun 10sec
Fatigue 100

Item Effectiveness

Items Nomal Anger Tired
Shock Trap 12 12 20
Pitfall Trap 15sec 15sec 25sec
Flash Bomb 20sec 20sec 30sec

Great Maccau Walkthrough


A new monster since Monster Hunter Gen. Great Maccau is Bird Wyvern.Leader of Maccau which is small monster.It is its features that vivid red and green feather.There is large feather on top of head. It is characteristic move that support its body by the tail and jump to attack ahead. After the stand by the tail,it does some move,kick many times on the spot,jump to attack,jump and jump to move.It is possible that appear a item if you knock it down during it stand by the tail.It bark to call the follow like Great jaggi or Great Baggi.It is chance to attack during its barking because it is appear in Jurassic Frontier.

Walkthrough point

  • Fire is most effective
  • Breakable points are its head and tail.Because both its head and tail are soft,try to attack both.
  • Mind that its jumping attack after stand by the tail.It is better to do Insta-Moves when it move the attack.
  • You shouldn’t better approach it when it spin and jump to attack,because it is likely to take damege.
  • Mind that its speed get fast when it is angry.

changes of states

  • It leak its breath when it is angry.
  • It leak its drool when it is tired.
  • Its feather is tattered at the top if it is breaked its head.
  • it limps its legs when it gets weak.

Great Maccau’s attack pattern

you take damege if you by it.
attack twice in a row.

Attack pattern More info
Tackle It tackle foroward after it step back.
Kangaroo kick It is jump to attack forward after stand its tail.
It fall after the attack when it is tired or weak.
It is easy to do Insta-Moves for the move because the time is long to ready the move.
Scratch Scrach with forefoot.
Call fellow Bark to call Makkaos.It is chance to attack one-sidedly during the move.
Continuous kick Kick repeatedly on the spot while stand by tail.
Continuous scratch Scratch forward repeatedly .
Jumping attack It slam the tail while spins on the spot clockwise.
Continuous pounce attack It jump and attack twice in a row.

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