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Persona 5 Tactica (P5T) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Page containing Main Story and DLC Kingdom Walkthroughs, Mission Stage Guides and Strategies, Legionnaire Boss Guides, Playable and Support Character Guides, Persona Compendium Guides, Beginner and Strategy Guides, Tips and Tricks, Post-Game Unlockables, New Game Plus Unlockables, Game Collectibles, Directories and Databases, Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks, News and Updates, and more. Persona 5 Tactica is a single-player, turn-based tactical strategy role-playing game developed by Atlus and P-Studio and published by Sega. Persona 5 Tactica (2023) was released last November 17, 2023, and is now playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass).

News and Updates

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▼News and Updates

Kingdom Walkthroughs

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Main Story Walkthroughs

▼All P5T Main Story Walkthroughs
Persona 5 Tactica - Marie Kingdom IconMarie Kingdom Persona 5 Tactica - Yoshiki Kingdom IconYoshiki Kingdom
Nakabachi Kingdom Salmael Kingdom

Repaint Your Heart DLC Walkthroughs

▼All P5T DLC Story Walkthroughs
Guernica Kingdom

Persona 5 Tactica Kingdom Walkthroughs and Guides

Mission Stage Guides

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Marie Kingdom Mission Stages (1st Kingdom)

▼All P5T Marie Kingdom Mission Stages
Mission Stage 1: Phantom Thieves Strike Again Mission Stage 2: Unknown Assailants
Mission Stage 3: A Brainwashed Skull Mission Stage 4: The Mysterious Girl
Mission Stage 5: Rampart Infiltration Mission Stage 6: Attack from On High
Mission Stage 7: In the Prison Mission Stage 8: Signal the Counterattack
Mission Stage 9: Armory Raid Mission Stage 10: Deep in the Armory
Mission Stage 11: Beauty and Brawn Mission Stage 12: To the Castle
Mission Stage 13: Cake, Marie, Fiance Mission Stage 14: A Bitter Retreat
Mission Stage 15: Rescuing Rebel Corps Mission Stage 16: Her Crusade
Mission Stage 17: Detention Facility Mission Stage 18: A Perfect Plan
Mission Stage 19: Assault on Marie’s Castle Mission Stage 20: Reception Hall Rumble
Mission Stage 21: Break Through the Barricade Mission Stage 22: Marie Boss Battle

Persona 5 Tactica Marie Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide

Yoshiki Kingdom Mission Stages (2nd Kingdom)

▼All P5T Yoshiki Kingdom Mission Stages
Mission Stage 23: A Wanted Criminal Mission Stage 24: Might Doesn’t Make Right
Mission Stage 25: Double Pincer Attack: Mach II Mission Stage 26: Wipe out the Aizen Squad!
Mission Stage 27: Garrison Liberation Mission 1 Mission Stage 28: Garrison Liberation Mission 2
Mission Stage 29: Battle of Yoshiki’s Castle Mission Stage 30: Seeking a Safe Route
Mission Stage 31: Amusement Park of Trauma Mission Stage 32: No Love in the Labor
Mission Stage 33: Yoshiki Boss Battle

Persona 5 Tactica Yoshiki Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide

Nakabachi Kingdom Mission Stages (3rd Kingdom)

▼All P5T Nakabachi Kingdom Mission Stages
Mission Stage 34: The Hell Beyond Mission Stage 35: Key to the Past – Courtyard
Mission Stage 36: Key to the Past – Cafeteria Mission Stage 37: Key to the Past – Faculty Room
Mission Stage 38: Key to the Past – Rooftop Mission Stage 39: Nakabachi Boss Battle
Mission Stage 40: The Transformed Rebel Club Mission Stage 41: Shadow Self Boss Battle
Mission Stage 42: Shadow Self Boss Battle

Persona 5 Tactica Nakabachi Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide

Salmael Kingdom Mission Stages (4th Kingdom)

▼All P5T Salmael Kingdom Mission Stages
Mission Stage 43: Path to God – A Mission Stage 44: Path to God – S
Mission Stage 45: Defeat Marie Mission Stage 46: Path to God – Y
Mission Stage 47: Path to God – L Mission Stage 48: Defeat Yoshiki
Mission Stage 49: Path to God – U Mission Stage 50: Path to God – M
Mission Stage 51: Salmael Boss Battle Mission Stage 52: Salmael Boss Battle

Persona 5 Tactica Salmael Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide

Guernica Kingdom Mission Stages (DLC Kingdom)

▼All P5T Guernica Kingdom Mission Stages
DLC Mission Stage 1: An Unfamiliar World DLC Mission Stage 2: Team of Three
DLC Mission Stage 3: Stop the Attack DLC Mission Stage 4: A Phantom Thieves’ Forte
DLC Mission Stage 5: The Dangerous Slammer DLC Mission Stage 6: The Horde of Goons
DLC Mission Stage 7: The Artist of Death DLC Mission Stage 8: Hold Your Breath
DLC Mission Stage 9: The Sick Slammer DLC Mission Stage 10: Obtain the Last Stab
DLC Mission Stage 11: A Swelling Hatred DLC Mission Stage 12: Mad Slammer Smackdown
DLC Mission Stage 13: The Mad Artist DLC Mission Stage 14: Disciple of God

Persona 5 Tactica Guernica Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide

Challenge Mission Stages (Post-Game)

▼All P5T Challenge Mission Stages
Challenge Mission Stage 1 Challenge Mission Stage 2
Challenge Mission Stage 3 Challenge Mission Stage 4
Challenge Mission Stage 5

Quest Guides

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Marie Kingdom Quests (1st Kingdom)

▼All P5T Marie Kingdom Quests
Quest 1: Quietly Storming the Castle Quest 2: Stealing Classified Info
Quest 3: Decompressing Quest 4: Once More, With Feeling!
Quest 5: Operation BOOM

Yoshiki Kingdom Quests (2nd Kingdom)

▼All P5T Yoshiki Kingdom Quests
Quest 6: Yusuke in Freefall Quest 7: The Mysterious Box
Quest 8: The Rightful Prince Quest 9: Recovering a Lost Treasure

Nakabachi Kingdom Quests (3rd Kingdom)

▼All P5T Nakabachi Kingdom Quests
Quest 10: A Balancing Axe Quest 11: Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret
Quest 12: Learning from a Pro

Salmael Kingdom Quests (4th Kingdom)

▼All P5T Salmael Kingdom Quests
Quest 13: Lavenza’s First Trial Quest 14: Lavenza’s Second Trial
Quest 15: Lavenza’s Third Trial

Boss Guides

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▼All P5T Legionnaire Boss Guides
Persona 5 Tactica - Marie Boss IconMarie Persona 5 Tactica - Yoshiki Boss IconYoshiki
Nakabachi Shadow Self
Marie Rematch Yoshiki Rematch
Salmael Guernica (DLC)
DLC Boss 2


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Playable Units

▼All P5T Phantom Thieves Characters
Persona 5 Tactica - Joker (Protagonist Ren Amamiya) Character IconProtagonist (CN: Joker) Persona 5 Tactica - Mona (Morgana) Character IconMorgana (CN: Mona)
Persona 5 Tactica - Skull (Ryuji Sakamoto) Character IconRyuji Sakamoto (CN: Skull) Persona 5 Tactica - Panther (Ann Takamaki) Character IconAnn Takamaki (CN: Panther)
Persona 5 Tactica - Fox (Yusuke Kitagawa) Character IconYusuke Kitagawa (CN: Fox) Persona 5 Tactica - Queen (Makoto Niijima) Character IconMakoto Niijima (CN: Queen)
Persona 5 Tactica - Oracle Navi (Futaba Sakura) Character IconFutaba Sakura (CN: Oracle/Navi) Persona 5 Tactica - Noir (Haru Okumura) Character IconHaru Okumura (CN: Noir)
Persona 5 Tactica - Crow (Goro Akechi) Character IconGoro Akechi (CN: Crow)* Persona 5 Tactica - Violet (Kasumi Yoshizawa) Character IconKasumi Yoshizawa (CN: Violet)*
Persona 5 Tactica - Elle (Erina) Character IconErina

*via Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack DLC only.

Support Characters

▼All P5T Support Characters
Persona 5 Tactica - Toshiro Kasukabe Character IconToshiro Kasukabe Persona 5 Tactica - Lavenza Character IconLavenza
Persona 5 Tactica - Luca Character IconLuca

Antagonist Characters

▼All P5T Antagonist Characters
Persona 5 Tactica - Marie Character IconMarie Persona 5 Tactica - Yoshiki Character IconYoshiki
Persona 5 Tactica - Guernica Character IconGuernica

Persona 5 Tactica Character List and Guides

Beginner Guides

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Basic Information

▼All P5T Basic Guides
Pre-Order Bonuses Game Editions
Game Difficulty Game Controls
Game Differences Gameplay Features
Permanent Events and Missables Save Data Rewards
PC System Requirements and Specs Platform and System Differences
Cross Save Features How Long to Beat
Post-Game Unlockables New Game Plus Unlockables
Beginner’s Guide

DLC Information

▼All P5T DLC Guides
DLC List and Information Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack DLC Guide
Picaro Summoning Pack and Raoul Persona DLC Guide Weapon Pack DLC Guide

Strategy Guides

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Tier List Guides

▼All P5T Tier List Guides
Best Character Tier List Best Characters for each Kingdom
Best Teams Tier List Best Teams for each Kingdom
Best Persona Tier List Best Personas for each Character
Best Personas for each Kingdom Best Weapons for each Character
Best Skills for each Character

Useful Information

▼All P5T Useful Guides
Trophy and Achievement List How to Beat the Main Story
Fast Leveling Guide Growth Points Farming Guide
Money Farming Guide Talk Event Guide
Talk Event List Quest Guide
Quest List Awards Guide
Enemy List

Character-related Information

▼All P5T Character Guides
Character List New Character List
How to Unlock all Characters Voice Actor List
Stats Guide Damage Skill Types
Status Effects Unique Skill Guide
Skill Tree Guide Skill List
How to Unlock Goro Akechi (Crow) How to Unlock Kasumi Yoshizawa (Violet)

Battle-related Information

▼All P5T Battle Guides
Battle System Guide Stage Elements Guide
Stage Objects Guide Height Damage Guide
Guard Guide Cover Guide
Charge Attack Guide Voltage Guide
1 MORE Guide Triple Threat Guide

Persona-related Information

▼All P5T Persona Guides
Persona Compendium Velvet Room Guide
Persona Fusion Guide Weapon Fusion Guide
Sub-Persona Guide Special Fusions
Quest Personas How to Unlock Ernesto
How to Unlock Principality How to Unlock Decarabia
How to Unlock Seth How to Unlock Okuninushi
How to Unlock Black Frost How to Unlock Shiva
How to Unlock Satanael

Persona Compendium

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Main Personas

▼All P5T Main Personas
Persona 5 Tactica - Arsene Persona IconArsène Persona 5 Tactica - Zorro Persona IconZorro
Persona 5 Tactica - Captain Kidd Persona IconCaptain Kidd Persona 5 Tactica - Carmen Persona IconCarmen
Persona 5 Tactica - Goemon Persona IconGoemon Persona 5 Tactica - Johanna Persona IconJohanna
Persona 5 Tactica - Necronomicon Persona IconNecronomicon Persona 5 Tactica - Milady Persona IconMilady
Persona 5 Tactica - Robin Hood Persona IconRobin Hood Persona 5 Tactica - Cendrillon Persona IconCendrillon
Ernesto Satanael

New Game Plus Personas

▼All P5T New Game+ Personas
Ariadne Asterius
Athena Izanagi
Izanagi-no-Okami Kaguya
Magatsu-Izanagi Messiah
Orpheus Orpheus (Female)
Thanatos Tsukiyomi

DLC Personas

▼All P5T DLC Personas
Ariadne Picaro Asterius Picaro
Athena Picaro Izanagi Picaro
Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro Kaguya Picaro
Magatsu-Izanagi Picaro Messiah Picaro
Orpheus Picaro Orpheus Picaro (Female)
Raoul Thanatos Picaro
Tsukiyomi Picaro

Personas by Affinity Race

▼All P5T Personas by Affinity Race
Burn Affinity Personas Freeze Affinity Personas
Shock Affinity Personas Sweep Affinity Personas
Hypno Affinity Personas Vortex Affinity Personas
Dizzy Affinity Personas Despair Affinity Personas
Forget Affinity Personas Sleep Affinity Personas

Persona 5 Tactica Persona Compendium (Persona List and Guides)

Game Database

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Character-related Database

▼All P5T Database
Weapon List Skill Tree List
Persona Skill List

Enemy-related Database

Marie Kingdom Enemies

▼All P5T Marie Kingdom Enemies
Persona 5 Tactica - Musketeer Enemy IconMusketeer Persona 5 Tactica - Grenadier Enemy IconGrenadier
Persona 5 Tactica - Drummer Enemy IconDrummer Persona 5 Tactica - Marie Boss IconMarie (Boss)

Yoshiki Kingdom Enemies

▼All P5T Yoshiki Kingdom Enemies
Persona 5 Tactica - Sumo-maton Enemy IconSumo-maton Persona 5 Tactica - Guarded Geisha Enemy IconGuarded Geisha
Persona 5 Tactica - Slimy Shinobi Enemy IconSlimy Shinobi Persona 5 Tactica - Yoshiki Boss IconYoshiki (Boss)

Guernica Kingdom Enemies

▼All P5T Guernica Kingdom Enemies
Enemy 1 Enemy 2
Enemy 3 Guernica (Boss)

Persona 5 Tactica Legionnaire Enemy List and Guides

Game Forums

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▼All P5T Game Forums
Chat Board Question Board
Bug Report Board

Game Overview

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Persona 5 Tactica or P5T (Perusona 5 Takutika, ペルソナ5 タクティカ) is an upcoming single-player strategy RPG and Persona 5 spin-off developed by Atlus and P-Studio. P5T is the fifth installment in the Persona 5 series to use the Persona 5 setting, following Persona 5: The Phantom X, Persona 5 Strikers (or Scramble), Persona 5 Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, and Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight.

Persona 5 Tactica - Game Editions Physical Launch Edition

Persona 5 Tactica was announced last June 12, 2023, and is set to release on November 17, 2023, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, Microsoft Windows, Xbox PC Game Pass.

Game Story

Persona 5 Tactica - Game Story

The game is set during the events of Persona 5, when the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are unexpectedly transported to another world known as the Kingdoms.

Persona 5 Tactica - Marie Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide Persona 5 Tactica - Yoshiki Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide

This realm’s unusual settings are reminiscent of recognizable real-world cityscapes like medieval Europe and feudal Japan. The Legionnaires assault the Phantom Thieves, but they are saved by a mystery woman named Erina. They agree to her offer to help the revolution.

Gameplay Features

Persona 5 Tactica - Gameplay Features

Persona 5 Tactica features elements from past Persona mainline and spinoff games while also introducing new and distinctive gameplay systems.

Here’s a short rundown of P5T’s distinct gameplay:

Defeat enemies with a turn-based tactical battle system that combines both classic and new battle mechanics.

Persona 5 Tactica - Battle System Guide

Persona 5 Tactica combines tile-based tactical movement with turn-based combat, introducing returning players and new fans to a new gameplay experience.

Persona 5 Tactica - One More Battle System Mechanic

Some Persona 5 fighting battle mechanics such as “1 More!”, “All-Out Attacks”, Gun and Persona attacks, and interactive stage elements and effects are also featured in the game.

Persona 5 Tactica - Triple Threat Battle System Mechanic

The game also introduces new battle mechanics, such as “Triple Threat”, which enables allies to launch a combined attack on foes by targeting them within a triangular area formed by your character units acting as corners.

Persona 5 Tactica - Change Party Member Battle System Mechanic

The protagonist, Joker, is not necessary to be present in the active group, and up to three members of the party can be dispatched into battle. Triple Threat provides a new spin on the standard all-out attack technique of the series.

Enhance each character’s battle capabilities by improving their Skill Trees.

Persona 5 Tactica - Skill Tree Guide

Persona 5 Tactica has a skill tree system that allows players to optimize each member’s skill tree to get the best team synergy.

Persona 5 Tactica - Skill Tree Guide Reset Unlocked Skills

Each playable character skill tree is divided into branches that provide varied benefits such as improving stats, doing more damage with their elemental affinity, offering supplemental effects for other methods of combat.

Boost the stats and skills of your units with Sub-Personas.

Persona 5 Tactica - Sub-Persona Guide Active and Passive Skills

Sub-Personas is a feature in Persona 5 Tactica that allows each character to carry a secondary Persona in addition to their initial Persona in order to boost their stats and skills. Persona spinoffs such as Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth have used this unique mechanic in the past.

Persona 5 Tactica - Sub-Persona Guide

This feature expands the battle system’s depth and variety, as well as character customization. Players can look for the best character and sub-persona combination for their playstyle and strategy.

Forge new gun weapons in the Velvet Room.

Persona 5 Tactica - Velvet Room Guide Gun Weapon Crafting

Aside from Persona Fusions, you may use the Velvet Room to create new and improved gun weapons. Combining two Personas yields a weapon with distinct stat enhancements, affinity bonuses, and additional effects.

Persona 5 Tactica - Velvet Room Guide Crafted Gun Weapon

These guns are far better to anything found in shops.

Game Trailers and Videos

Persona 5 Tactica – Battle Gameplay 1

Source: Official ATLUS West YouTube

Persona 5 Tactica – Voice Actor Panel

Source: Official ATLUS West YouTube

Persona 5 Tactica – Character Spotlight 1

Source: Official ATLUS West YouTube

Persona 5 Tactica – Announcement Trailer

Source: Official ATLUS West YouTube

Game Information

Title Persona 5 Tactica / P5T (WW)
Genre Single-player / Turn-based Tactics / Tactical Role-playing
Platform and System PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass)
Developer Atlus and P-Studio
Publisher Sega
Release date November 17, 2023 (All Platforms and Systems)
Official Website (WW) (JP)