Kirby:Planet robobot – Area1-3

For the position expressed in the capture information

In “Planet robobot” walkthrough information If you have switched the screen in stage, it will be referred in the “floor”.

1-1 to the stage start point and the floor 1, when the scene is switched on, such as entering the door “floor 2”, and the “floor 3”.

IC cube available location

① Floor 1: In the mid-floor, replace the Gordo and IC cube put the battery to the device.

② Floor 3: enter the door to replace the batteries in the device of the floor 2. Gordo is available to go to the back side of the floor a lot.

1-3 ②

③ Floor 5: You can obtain and bring the battery in the neighborhood to put a floor the second half of the robot to the floor the middle of the device.


Sticker available location

① Floor 1: located in the back side of the star block.

② Floor 2: located in the high altitude of the block which is in between the shells rotation gimmick.

③ Floor 2: Rare stickers.broke the big box in the Lobo, will be available on the roof.

④ Floor 6: previous hidden passage, located in the “HAL” type of star block.

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