Kirby:Planet robobot – Area2-3

For the position expressed in the capture information

In “Planet robobot” walkthrough information If you have switched the screen in stage, it will be referred in the “Floor”.

1-1 to the stage start point and the Floor 1, when the scene is switched on, such as entering the door “Floor 2”, and the “Floor 3”.

IC cube available location

①Floor 6: You can get to go in the order of heart spade diamond.

②Floor 7: Press the pulley can be obtained by pressing the red switch in the Stone.

③Floor 8: It is surrounded by unbreakable bricks floor in the middle. And hang in a chain that is attached to the block You can get corrupted blocks.


Sticker available location

①Floor 3: There on the screen behind you are the spark.

②Floor 3: rare stickers. There is a proceed of wire mesh floor.

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