Kirby:Planet robobot – Area2-5BOSS

Boss “holographic Defense Systems”


Copy “beam”

● Phase 1 “Holo Kracko”

Attack pattern ① “Waddle Doo”

・Waddle Doo you’ve been summoned. Waddle Doo is possible suction. If you copy it to “beam”.

Attack pattern ② “body per”

・Toward the Kirby will have hit the body. Let’s prevent and guard.

Attack pattern ③ “shower”

・The rain will come to attack sends down like a shower. Enemy Avoid the left and right when it stops in the overhead.

Attack pattern ④ “Thunder”

・While, the thunder plush will come to attack by moving to the left or right. Let’s prevent and guard on the spot.

Attack pattern ⑤ “body per 2”

・Stage low position you have to hit the body at a high speed.

Attack pattern ⑥ “Electrical attack”

・Eye rose plated and then attack the electricity around him from. Let’s away from the boss.

● Phase 2 “Hororopazu”

Attack pattern ① “ramming”

・The boss will have to hit the body from the left and right. Avoid the edge of the screen.

Attack pattern ② “energy bullets (lock-on).”

・Two bodies of the boss will have the energy bullets fired aiming at the Kirby. Energy bullets is possible suction.

Attack pattern ③ “energy bullets (diffusion)”

・It has spread rose the energy bullets towards the top. Energy bullets is possible suction.

Attack pattern ④ “energy bombs (dropped).”

・It has dropped the energy bullets from the sky. Energy bullets is possible suction.

● Phase 3 “Holo Ice Dragon”

Attack pattern ① “ramming”

・Kirby toward you’ve been hit body. Let’s run away to the sky flying.

Attack pattern ② “Ice Breath”

・Spitting while I’m going to attack the ice breath. Let’s run away to the sky flying.

Attack pattern ③ “Trample”

・Boss is fly in the sky, you have tramplethe Kirby to fall. It drops the icicles at the time of falling. Icicle is possible suction.

Attack pattern ④ “icicle spitting”

・Boss will come to attack vomited icicles toward the Kirby. Star of the pieces will appear after the attack.

Attack pattern ⑤ “ice boomerang”

・Boss will have to launch a boomerang of ice toward the Kirby. Boomerang is 3 shots, and then fired. Boomerang can be suction.

● Phase 4, “Holo Coily Rattler”

※ only blue head is the weak point.

Attack pattern ① “energy bullet”

・Boss is 3 shots energy bullets towards Kirby, you’ve been fired. Energy bullets will Suikome.

Attack pattern ② “rolling”

・Rounded the body you’ve been hit body to Kirby. Let’s prevent and guard. Star of the pieces will appear after rolling.

Attack pattern ③ “energy bullet Installation”

・The body and place the energy bullets while moving wound to the scaffold. Avoid flying in the air.

Attack pattern ④ “division avalanche”

・The body to break down it will be hurled like an avalanche from the outside of the screen. Fragments of the star comes from the last part.

Attack pattern ⑤ “per rotating body.”

・Boss will have hit the body while up and down is the Hoop-like. Let’s wicket when the position of the boss has become higher assess the come timing approaching.

Attack pattern ⑥ “bite attack”

・Boss will come to attack bite from overhead to Kirby. Star of pieces is issued at the end of the attack.

● Phase 5 “hologram Defense Systems”

Attack pattern ① “last futile struggle.”

・Screen of back and forth back and front, rampaged. Star of the pieces you get when you come in front of the screen.

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