Kirby:Planet robobot – Area3-7EX

For the position expressed in the capture information

In “Planet robobot” walkthrough information If you have switched the screen in stage, it will be referred in the “Floor”.1-1 to the stage start point and the Floor 1, when the scene is switched on, such as entering the door “Floor 2”, and the “Floor 3”.

IC cube available location

① Floor 3: located in the door to put in a warp apparatus of floor 2. You can get the shutter is opened when you start the outlet of down in the Esper.

② Floor 5

How to take the IC cube

1, floor middle, issues a fountain by turning the screen in front of the gear.
2, the second half of the floor, turn the screen in front of the gear, drop the cable block.
3, frozen all the fountains in the ice, and then arranged to flow electricity carries the cable block to a nearby outlet.
4, the shutter opens a spark in the flow of electricity, it will be available.


③ Floor 8: boss after the war, there is a blue switch and advance the floor, you can get the press.

Sticker available location

① Floor 2: Rare sticker. There is in the water under the floor the last door.

② Floor 6: go up the floor located on the floor right. Obtain break the block.

③ Floor 7: located in the recess floor the second half of the right-hand side.

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