Kirby:Planet robobot – Area4-1

For the position expressed in the capture information

In “Planet robobot” walkthrough information If you have switched the screen in stage, it will be referred in the “Floor”.
1-1 to the stage start point and the Floor 1, when the scene is switched on, such as entering the door “Floor 2”, and the “Floor 3”.

IC cube available location

① Floor 3

How to take the IC cube

1. Go to the front screen aboard the 3D Warp Star to go to the second half of the floor.

2. It returns to the floor the first half while breaking the wood, to enter the pipe at a Lobo.

※ Be careful not to break the floor around the wood you are of this time fighter

3. I went to the screen back to enter the pipe, let’s go back to the second half of the floor with the battery.

4. If you turn off the obstacle with a cutter put the battery, IC cube is available.


② Floor 5: Enter the floor middle of the door of the floor 4. Then it moves to the screen back on the screen in front of the pipe. You can get a break the screen behind the bomb block.

③ Floor 6

How to take the IC cube

1. You cage the ladder under the place where the first one of the pillars on the pipe comes out.

2. Go to the screen before a pipe, you ride to Lobo.

3. Proceed to the second half of the floor left of the screen in front, to attack a second pillar in the stone, you break the screen the back of the gold block.

4. Screen in front, will be available to fall to the floor the second half of the pipe.

Sticker available location

① Floor 2: located in the drum at the top of the floor midfield.

② Floor 3: Go to the screen before in 3D Warp Star will be available with the break immediately of wood.

③ Floor 6: Rare sticker. Go to the screen back through the floor middle of the pipe, there are a fly on the fly.

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