Kirby:Planet robobot – Area5-5

For the position expressed in the capture information

In “Planet robobot” walkthrough information If you have switched the screen in stage, it will be referred in the “Floor”.1-1 to the stage start point and the Floor 1, when the scene is switched on, such as entering the door “Floor 2”, and the “Floor 3”.

IC cube available location

①Floor 3: while turned back I went to the end of the floor Let’s break the front of the bomb and gray block of IC cube. You can get the returns up to the first floor.


② Floor 7: You can get a hit the floor last pile with a hammer.

③ Floor 9: gear three times, you can move to turn the screen back. Located in the treasure box on top of the goal in front of the scaffold.

Sticker available location

① Floor 3: You can get a break in the upper right corner of the gray blocks of the battery. Folded back and go to the end of the floor while holding a bar of light, you can break the block.

② Floor 6: You can get a step on the floor last warp table. Let’s hurry since the screen will scroll when you move the screen back.

③Floor 8: Rare sticker. You can get a hit the cart at the top of the screen back in the Stone.

④ Floor 10: the gear of the floor 9 twice to enter the up door to the ladder and turn. You can get and go down and follow the star.

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