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Ragnarok Journey gets a local release in the Philippines. Samurai Gamers attended its grand party event and lists the six playable classes of the game.

Ragnarok Journey Sets Philippine Debut

As a follow-up to this year’s Philippine return of MMORPG classic Ragnarok Online, Gravity Co., LTD officially announced another RO-inspired game called “Ragnarok Journey” to be launched later this month.

Ragnarok Journey Philippines

Source: Ragnarok Journey PH Youtube

Also known as Ragnarok Online Journey (ROJ), the game is a browser-based MMORPG based on the original namesake. The game features unique mechanics such as dungeon and MVP challenges, treasure hunts, and PvP tournaments. What makes the game unique is that it gives the players the freedom to play anywhere without the restrictions of a game client. However, players should have a stable internet connection to fully enjoy the game.

ROJ Grand Party Event

ROJ PH Grand Party Event 1

Source: Ragnarok Journey PH Facebook

A Grand Party event happened last Sunday making a lot of players and fans alike excited to know more about the details of the browser-based MMORPG. Despite having a long break period due to the ASEAN Summit 2017, participants went on and traveled to the event venue in Makati City, Metro Manila. Gravity was very appreciative of their efforts and gave the first 100 participants to arrive exclusive ROJ T-shirts and goodies.

ROJ PH Grand Party Event 2

Source: Ragnarok Journey PH Facebook

Samurai Gamers was honored to get an official media invite to cover the official announcement of Ragnarok Journey Philippines last Sunday. Mr. Yoshinori Kitamura, the Chief Operating Officer of Gravity Co., LTD, officially opened the grand party event. He noted how unique the Ragnarok Journey game is for its players, particularly in its “Autoplay” feature. When turned on, it enables a character to go on an auto kill, farm, and quest mode.

ROJ PH Grand Party Event 3

Source: Ragnarok Journey PH Facebook

In addition, sponsored raffle events, an RO-themed cosplay competition, and live band performances were also held in conjunction with the event. When it comes to the raffled goodies, a lot of gaming mouses, keyboards, portable hard drives, and a gaming laptop were given away courtesy of Red DragonRepublic of Gamers, and Seagate.

ROJ PH Grand Party Event 4

Together with Gravity’s Ms. Liliana Bae

Samurai Gamers also had a short chat with Gravity’s Global Business Supervisor, Ms. Liliana Bae. She further adds that the local Philippine release of Ragnarok Journey is the first ever region exclusive distribution of the game. Also, she highlighted that the currently existing market for this game is mostly those who are mobile and likely access the game from different areas.

Job Classes

Ragnarok Journey introduces six different job classes that players can choose from: Swordsman, Mage, Thief, Archer, Acolyte, and Merchant. These job classes are not gender-locked and have their own particular stats to level.

ROJ PH Swordsman

Source: Warpportal

The first job class we have is the Swordsman. Gravity describes this physical melee warrior as:

The Swordman has strong physical attack and defense. Using one-handed swords and a shield give them strong defense. Using a two-handed sword will grant strong attacks. 2nd job class is a Knight with a long spear.


Source: Warpportal

Next is the magical caster job class, Mage. Gravity describes them by saying:

Mage can use powerful magic to attack many enemies at the same time. Its magic defense is very effective, but its physical defense is very low. Stay far from enemies to be the most effective. Wields wands as primary weapon. 2nd job class is the Wizard.

ROJ PH Archer

Source: Warpportal

Then we have the Archer, a physical DPS (Damage per Second) and AoE (Area of Effect) character who heavily relies on his/her bow. Gravity explains:

Archer performs its attacks from afar. With fast movement and various remote attacks, it prevents the enemy from getting closer. Primary weapon is a bow. 2nd job class changes to a Hunter that can train hunting falcons to fight together.

ROJ PH Thief

Source: Warpportal

The Thief class is the fourth playable character class in ROJ. This nimble physical melee warrior is described as:

Thief has an agile talent, and is good at hiding behind others and performing fatal attacks. Primary weapon is a dagger. 2nd job class is the Assassin that uses a Katar or carries two daggers. (Not recommended for beginner players)

ROJ PH Acolyte

Source: Warpportal

Then we have the full support class, the Acolyte. Gravity talks about this job class saying:

Acolyte is a job that can respond calmly to various situations with various attack skills and auxiliary skills. 2nd job class is a Priest that uses various support skills.(Due to its relatively slow initial levelup, it is not recommended for beginner players)

ROJ PH Merchant

Source: Warpportal

Last, we end with the Merchant. This two-handed melee character is described as:

Merchants use Area of Effect skills to strengthen its various stats in order to cope with situations quickly. It is familiar with close combat. 2nd job class is a Blacksmith that can uses axes.(Due to relatively slow AOE level up, it is not recommeded for beginners.)

Game Trailer

Take a look at the ROJ Philippines game trailer below:

Source: Ragnarok Journey PH Youtube

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