Kingdom Hearts 3 - Constellation Photo Locations

Constellation Photo Locations

February 1, 2019 Pixel Jello 0

Constellation Photo Locations Below is a list of constellations that can be photographed by Sora’s Gummiphone in Kingdom Hearts 3. Constellations are found throughout the Starlight, Misty, and Eclipse galaxies. There are 3 constellations available in [ … ]

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Full Course Cooking

Full Course Cuisine Effects List

February 1, 2019 Pixel Jello 6

What is Full Course Cuisine A Full Course Cuisine is a set meal that Sora can eat to gain special buffs and effects in battle, albeit temporarily. These effects are gained by eating certain combinations [ … ]

Collector’s Goals Rewards List

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What are Collector’s Goals? To gather your collection bonus, talk to Mogli in the Moogle Shop. Various items are available as a reward for various achievements. Collector’s Goals Rewards List Conditions Item Get 1 Kind of [ … ]

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Moogle Postcard

Moogle Shop Prize Postcard Guide

January 28, 2019 Pixel Jello 4

Moogle Shop Prize Postcard The Moogle Shop Prize Postcard is a special item obtained at random after making a purchase from the Moogle Shop. Whenever you buy something from the Moogle Shop, there is a [ … ]

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Heartless Doll

Doll Heartless Boss Guide

January 28, 2019 Pixel Jello 0

Guide on How to Defeat the Doll Heartless The Doll Heartless is the fifth boss enemy in Kingdom Hearts 3. The boss is encountered in the Toy Box world. Toy Box Walkthrough Toy Box World [ … ]

Sephera Item Builds

December 30, 2018 Rice Secretary 0

Sephera Item Builds How to Play as Sephera Sephera’s Stats and Abilities Item Builds List If there’s one common thread across all Sephera builds, it’s that she needs cooldown reduction. Not only is Tide of [ … ]

Sephera Hero Guide

December 30, 2018 Rice Secretary 0

Sephera Sephera’s Item Builds Sephera’s Stats and Abilities Sephera Overview Sephera is a mage/support who likes to poke her enemies from afar with Water Spirits. In fact, it’s really her only reliable source of damage. [ … ]

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