Nioh 2 - Amrita Gauge and Yokai Shift Guide

A guide on Amrita gauge and Yokai shift in Nioh 2. Included are benefits of filling the Amrita gauge and the characteristics of the 3 main Yokai form.

Amrita Gauge and Yokai Shift

About Amrita Gauge

Amrita gauge
The Amrita gauge is a new feature added in Nioh 2. Filling the Amrita gauge lets players buff their Yokai weapon, or transform into a Yokai for a short period of time. The gauge can be filled by simply attacking enemies.

About Yokai Shift

Once the Amrita gauge is filled up, players can transform their characters into a Yokai. There are 3 different types of Yokais to transform into, each with their own unique abilities and attacks. During Yokai shift, the gauge will decrease over time, as well as when damage is taken.

Although no HP will be lost during Yokai shift, it doesn’t make you invincible since taking damage makes the gauge decrease faster. Therefore, it’s best used as a last resort during boss fights, instead of fights against normal enemies.

Yokai Types and Characteristics

Yokai : Mou

Nioh Yokai Mou
Yokai possessed by the guardian spirit of Mou. Mou form wields a red glowing maul, and deals tremendous amount of damage with each attack.

Yokai : Jin

Nioh yokai jin
Yokai Possessed by the guardian spirit of Jin. Jin form specializes in speed, being able to close the gap between its foe and continuously attacks faster than a eye can follow.

Yokai : Gen

nioh yokai gen
Yokai Possessed by the guardian spirit of Gen. Gen has the ability to use mystical powers, able to change the shape of the weapon to its liking.

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  1. Ya had me confused.. fact check before you make a guide. Amrita guage is the circle guage.. purple line is anima guage..

  2. Jason your right , my question I came here to not have answered, was when you get a stat boost that is X based off your amrita gauge, all this time i was saving up the amrita used to upgrade & thinking “the fuller my amrita gauge is the better my X stat should be.

  3. Incorrect that’s the Anima gauge, the Amrita gauge is the circular one to the left of your health and ki bars. The Anima gauge allows for Burst Counters and Yokai Abilities. Not the Yokai Shift mechanic.