Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Moogle Shop Prize Postcard Guide

Guide on the Moogle Shop Prize Postcard in Kingdom Hearts 3, including how to obtain it and possible rewards.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Moogle Shop Prize Postcard

Moogle Shop Prize Postcard

The Moogle Shop Prize Postcard is a special item obtained at random after making a purchase from the Moogle Shop. Whenever you buy something from the Moogle Shop, there is a small chance of obtaining it after you exit the shop menu.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Moogle Postcard

The postcard can be used to get random items by dropping it at the postbox near the Moogle Shop in Twilight Town. Random prizes include various rare equipment, accessories, and synthesis materials.

Twilight Town Walkthrough

Moogle Shop Prize Postcard Exploit

To obtain rare items, you can purchase a single item (preferably something cheap like a potion or panacea) until you stockpile a good amount of postcards.

Afterwards, save your game and drop the postcards in the postbox next to the shop.  If you do not get any of the prizes you are looking for, reload your save and deposit the postcards again.


Moogle Prize Postcard Rewards
Writhing Shard x3 Writhing Stone x3
Soothing Shard x3 Soothing Stone x3
Lightning Shard x3 Lightning Stone x3
Wellspring Shard x3 Wellspring Stone x3
Frost Shard x3 Frozen Stone x3
Lucid Shard x3 Lucid Stone x3
Blazing Shard x3 Blazing Stone x3
Hungry Shard x3 Hungry Stone x3
Pulsing Shard x3 Pulsing Stone x3
Tent Potion
AP Booster Luck Ring
Refocuser Ether
Defense Booster Strength Booster
Gourmet Ring Orichalcum

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  1. There is 40% chance of getting a postcard every time you purchase something. Price is not a factor. You can buy a potion or a panacea then close the store and you can farm them as such.

  2. Hi, I received two postcards…. one was from the Moogle shop in mount Olympus and another when I flew back to twilight town… I had spend about 400 muney in each