Tales of Arise - Training Grounds Group Battle Novice

Training Ground Battle List

October 12, 2021 Pixel Jello 0

All Training Ground Battles in Tales of Arise Here is a list of all Training Ground battles in Tales of Arise grouped by battle mode. This includes battles available in the base game as well [ … ]

Tales of Arise - Training Grounds Dairon Trainee Fight

Centoria Trainee Fight Guide

October 7, 2021 Pixel Jello 0

Guide for Centoria Trainee Fight in Tales of Arise The Centoria Trainee Fight is a Training Grounds battle mode in Tales of Arise. This is a paid DLC battle mode the features characters from the [ … ]

How to Level Up Fast

September 22, 2021 Golden Toast 0

How to Level Up Fast Completing Sub-Quests During early game, doing the sub-quests is one of the most effective ways to gain EXP. The sub-quests are unlockable once an envelope appears on your screen and [ … ]

Best Armor for each Character

September 21, 2021 Golden Toast 0

Best Armor for Each Character in Tales of Arise A list of all best armor for each character in Tales of Arise, including their stats, description, and how to acquire them in the game. Alphen [ … ]

How to Farm Gald (Money)

September 20, 2021 Golden Toast 0

How to Farm Gald (Money) What is Gald? In Tales of Arise, the currency is called Gald. Gald is used to purchase or sell Consumables, Materials, Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Accessory Materials. Completing Sub-Quests During [ … ]

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