Tales of Arise - How to Farm Gald (Money)

Tales of Arise - How to Farm Gald (Money)

How to Farm Gald (Money)

What is Gald?

In Tales of Arise, the currency is called Gald. Gald is used to purchase or sell Consumables, Materials, Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Accessory Materials.

Completing Sub-Quests

During early game, doing the sub-quests is one of the most effective ways to gain Gald. The sub-quests are unlockable once an envelope appears on your screen and most of the task are just talking, doing a favor for a character, or just fighting around with some monsters. These task are very easy to do and not time-consuming, you will also be rewarded with other items, weapons, and recipes that you may need later on.

Selling equipment and commodity items

As you progress onto the main story, you may have opened too many chest and received a lot of equipment and items. Another way to have a good amount of Gald is that you may sell unused Armor and Weapons to merchants.

You may also encounter Commodity Items which can be sold at a great price, a shop will ask you whether you want to sell these Commodities for Gald when you talk with them.

Consuming Food with Item Drop Effects

Tales of Arise - Cooking Option

You may cook and consume food that has an impact on your opponents, causing them to drop more goods and ores. Once the food effect has been activated, engage in a battel with surrounding opponents to gather additional items to sell.

Here are some recipes that has an effect:

Recipe or Dish Ingredients Cooking and Favorite Meal Effects
Vegetable Soup
  • Tomato x2
  • Potato x1
  • Obtained Ore UP S
  • Alphen: Cooking Effect +15%.
  • Law: Cuts duration by 25%, but boosts the effect by 50%.
  • Kisara: Cooking Effect Duration +20%.
Description Soup containing a large heaping of vegetables boiled until becoming soft. It has a gentle flavor and warms the body and spirit alike.
How to Get
  • Acquire from a chest at Traslida Highway (from Demo Version).
  • Acquire when learning how to craft accessories during Main Quest: “Land of Glistening Radiance.
Vegetable Juice
  • Apple x2
  • Lettuce x1
  • Tomato x1
  • Obtained Ore Up S
Description A drink made of grated fruits and vegetables. The texture of the fruits remains in a concoction that quenches thirst with a natural sweetness.
How to Get
  • Acquire from defeating the Bureau Agent Law during Main Quest: “Land of Glistening Radiance.
  • Potato x2
  • Milk  x1
  • Salmon x1
  • More Dropped Items S
  • Kisara: Cooking Effect Duration +20%.
Description A vegetable and salmon soup boiled in milk. The meat and vegetables linger together inside of a mild broth.
How to Get
  • Acquire from clearing Sub-Quest: “Hard Liquor“.
Eastern Rice
  • Rice x1
  • Pork x1
  • Pepper x1
  • Egg x1
  • More Dropped Items L
Description An extremely popular dish to order at a certain eatery. Its combo of hot rice topped with heaps of meat leaves all who feast on it utterly satisfied.
How to Get
  • Buy pre-order DLC.

Obtain and Equip the Lucky Bangle Accessory

Obtaining this accessory has a chance of a better drop rate and more items to sell for you to earn Gald. Equipping this to a member of the party will enhance the number of items that will drop once a battle is completed. This item may be obtained after completing the Survey Says… Sub Quest.

Selling Fishes

Fishing is a fun way to gain extra gold in the game. You may sell the cheapest fish for 600-800 gald, so having a few of them, combined with larger fish (which can sell for 1000 gald or more), can quickly add up a decent amount of Gald.

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