Tales of Arise - How to Level Up Fast

A guide on everything you need to know on How to Level Up Fast. Included are basic information on the EXP, ways on how to level up, and many more.

Tales of Arise - How to Level Up Fast

How to Level Up Fast

Completing Sub-Quests

During early game, doing the sub-quests is one of the most effective ways to gain EXP. The sub-quests are unlockable once an envelope appears on your screen and most of the task are just talking, doing a favor for a character, or just fighting around with some monsters. These task are very easy to do and not time-consuming, you will also be rewarded with other items, weapons, and recipes that you may need later on.

Defeat more monsters after unlocking the Battle Chain Bonus

Battle Chain Bonuses help you get more experience, boost your item drop rate, and improve your fight scores, which are awarded after every battle. The more enemies you kill, the higher your CP level. Once this gauge is full, you’ll start seeing rare monster encounters and more item drops. Less common opponent types strike harder, but give more CP and EXP when defeated, making them ideal for leveling.

Cooking and Consuming EXP Boosting Food

Tales of Arise - Cooking Skit

You may cook and consume food that has an impact on your opponents, and to your party members. Once the food effect has been activated, engage in a battle with surrounding opponents to gather more EXP.

Here are some recipes that has an effect:

Recipe or Dish Ingredients Cooking and Favorite Meal Effects
Leaf-wrapped Fish
  • Lettuce x2
  • Sea Bream x1
  • EXP Boost T
  • Kisara: Cooking Effect Duration +20%.
Description A dish cooked by grilling fish inside of a large leaf. Opening it up reveals a tender fish as the scent of the leaf wafts through the air.
How to Get
  • Acquire when you’ve recruited Dohalim and Kisara during Main Quest: “Kisara’s Ideals“.
Fruit Sandwich
  • Wheat x1
  • Strawberry x1
  • Lemon x1
  • Milk x1
  • EXP Boost L
Description Fresh, colorful fruit laid between two slices of soft, tendered bread. Preparing an excellent plate requires mastery of a wide array of dishes.
How to Get
  • Buy pre-order DLC.
  • ?
  • EXP Boost S
Description Thinly sliced seafood. Each type of meat requires a different method of cutting it in order to best bring out its innate flavor.
How to Get
  • Acquire from healing the NPC in the Lavtu Marshlands, Ganath Haros.
Fish Steak
  • ?
  • EXP Boost M
Description ?
How to Get
  • Acquire from clearing Sub-Quest: “Peligon’s Zeugle Mascot”.

Changing the Game Difficulty

Tales of Arise - Mantis Slash Attack

Increasing the game’s difficulty gives you extra CP and EXP but also increases opponent damage. Performing Combos and Boost strikes also give extra EXP on harder game difficulties.

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