Rathian : Walkthrough and Weakness point

Monster Hunter Generations(MHX):This content is guide Rathian of weakness, measures. In addition to describe the breakable parts and effectivenes.


  • Rathian


    state Cut Imp shot Fire Water ice Thun. dra
    Head Head Head ×

    Element/Status Effectiveness

    Hitzone Cut Imp Shot Fire Water ice Thun. Dra
    Head 90 80 70 0 15 15 20 35
    Neck 40 40 40 0 10 10 15 20
    Torso (Back) 25 30 30 15 10 10 15 25
    Stomach 60 55 45 0 5 5 20 10
    Wings 25 20 25 0 10 10 15 20
    Feet 44 40 45 0 5 5 10 10
    Tail 30 30 25 0 5 5 10 25

    Status Effectiveness

    Status Damage Dulation Effective
    Poison 150 60 sec
    Paralysis 10 sec
    Sleep 40 sec
    Stun 10 sec
    Fatigue 10

    Item Effectiveness

    Items Nomal Anger Tired
    Shock Trap 8 sec 8 sec 15 sec
    Pitfall Trap 12 sec 12 sec 25 sec
    Flash Bomb 18 sec 18 sec 30 sec

    Rathian Walkthrough


    Rathian is wyburn that a pair of Rathalos.
    Rathalos is mele and Rathian is female.
    This is calld “Queen of the land” becouse there are more actions above the ground than Rathalos , however it has flying ability.
    somersault kick up the air is very dangerous becouse legs claw has poison and high power.

    Walkthrough Point

    • The weak point is a dragon attribute.
    • You should aim head.
      It is easy to give damage to head.
      Watch for after fire breath chance.
    • Caution somersault kick up the air that has high damege.
      If under somersault attack,You has poison state.
      You should take Antidote and so on Herbal Medicine.

    change in state

    • The fire leaks from the Rathian’s mouth when it becomes anger status.
    • it beslobber when it becomes tired.
    • When physical strength decreases, it drag a foot and move the area.

    Rathalos attack pattern

    Rush The attack rushing straight , finelly like to slip.
    Rathian use it frequently when it is far.
    You are easy to trap when it use rush.
    Rush stopped when normal , but rush over break down when it tired.
    Bite attack Biting forward.
    Somersault The attack to kick it up after having become the low position.
    And then transfer flighting.
    It’s dangerous attack has high damege and take you poison status.
    In some cases use in the sky , not only on ground.
    Fire breath Breathbreathing out flame forward.
    In the cases breathe only as for one,breath 3 continuations to front,right,left.
    Ceases fire when Rathian tired.
    Spin tail attack Rathian attacks it using a tail like spining.
    The range of the attack shortens if Cutting tail.
    Restriction attack Rathian charges towards hunter from air.
    Rathian uses Somersault finish if you were was not able to get away.
    Spring upon from air Spring upon to ground from air.
    hunter isn’t taked poison status if to be attacked unlike Rathian.
    Fire breath(Exprosion) Breathing fire that explode to forward.
    Using this only anger.

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