Rathalos : Walkthrough and Weakness point

Monster Hunter Generations(MHX):This content is guide Rathalos of weakness, measures. In addition to describe the breakable parts and effectivenes.


  • Rathalos


state Cut Imp shot Fire Water ice Thun. dra
head head head ×

Element/Status Effectiveness

Hitzone Cut Imp Shot Fire Water ice Thun. Dra
Head 65 65 55 0 10 10 15 20
Neck 30 30 20 0 10 10 10 10
Torso (Back) 25 30 20 15 10 10 20 25
Stomach 40 50 15 0 5 5 20 10
Tail 45 40 25 0 5 5 10 20
Wings 25 20 25 0 10 10 25 35
Feet 30 25 45 0 5 5 10 10

Status Effectiveness

Status Damage Dulation Effective
Poison 150 60 sec
Paralysis 10 sec
Sleep 40 sec
Stun 10 sec
Fatigue 100

Item Effectiveness

Items Nomal Anger Tired
Shock Trap 8 8 15
Pitfall Trap 12 12 25
Flash Bomb 18 18 18

Rathalos Walkthrough


It is the monster of the representative enlightened emperor class in the monster hunter series.
The monster is called “firedragon” to vomit breath of the fire.
We can make the weapon of the fire attribute from the material of this monster.
Rathalos’s female is reversed to Rathian. Therefore, is a property to come for help when one fight in that Rathalos and Rathian appear the same time.
Apparently Rathalos has the red epidermis, and Rathian is green.
There are more actions to fly the air than Rathian an is called “the sky king”.

Walkthrough Point

  • The most weakness attribute is dragon. Next is thunder.
  • Because the first weak point is a head, a chance wants to aim in a part once. A chance to attack it because I adhere it after flame breath on the ground in particular at little time, and it is possible for a chance.
  • Flying time is too longer and because it is hard to attack it with a proximity weapon during a flight, the item of “Flash Bomb” which can let this fall is effective.
  • There is poison to the nail of Rathalos. Because it prove poisonous when Rathalos get the attack with the leg from the air, attention is necessary.

change in state

  • Fire leaks from the entrance when angry.
  • Slobber when tired. When tired, breath of the fire don’t appear.
  • When physical strength decreases, I drag a foot and move the area.

Rathalos attack pattern

Attack pattern More info
Rush Rush at a hunter and attack it.
When it is tired, it come to fall down after rush.
Spin tail attack Turn twice clockwise and attack a tail.
Reach shortens when I cut a tail.
Fire breath Spit out breath of the flame on a straight line at a hunter and attack it.
This is not from the ground and throws breath of the flame from the air.
Throw the 3 times breath from the air.
Breath of the flame does not appear when tired.
In addition, I may perform the attack with the bite with the flame in front from the air.
Nail attack from air raid a hunter by the nail of the leg from the air.
Suffer from poisonous state problem when I deal with an attack.
The dangerous attack that Rathalos cannot be careless about because fyling indisposed with the considerably far-off position when it is in the air.
Bite attack attack to bite the hunter whom there is in front.
Glide attack During glide, it attack.
Back jump breath It jump backward while vomiting fire breath in front and shift to flight.
Restriction attack Grab a hunter with a leg from the air; just restrict it, and continue giving damage at uniformity time.
Can escape as soon as use the dungbomb or button hit somebody repeatedly.
I hit fire breath last when Rathalos cannot get away until the last of the restriction.

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