Day 16 Round-Up

June 29, 2018 zetasoldier 0

Greetings and welcome to Samurai Gamers’ Day 16 Round-Up of Kaisaya’s Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament. We are down to the last few matches of Round 4 in the lower bracket, and the action [ … ]

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Tower Dive Podcast Archive

June 29, 2018 Wolf Knight 0

Tower Dive Podcast Visit Tower Dive on Anchor FM Tower Dive is an Arena Of Valor Podcast hosted by Esports Shoutcaster “Tj” (@EsportsTj) and fellow Shoutcaster and Head Writer of Samurai Gamers “DTwo” (@DTwoHS). Every week, the [ … ]

Day 15 Round-Up

June 28, 2018 zetasoldier 0

Welcome to Samurai Gamers’ Day 15 Round-Up of Kaisaya’s AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament. We had four matches of intense AOV action last night, and we’re here to capture all the highlights: Kimochiii vs. Hooligans [ … ]

Marja Item Builds

June 28, 2018 Green 2

Marja Item Builds How to Play as Marja Marja’s Stats and Abilities Hero Item Builds List Core Items These items are necessary in order to play Marja optimally. Only diverge from a core item if [ … ]

Day 14 Round-Up

June 27, 2018 zetasoldier 0

The 14th day of the tournament was short-lived, yet the intensity and focus of the participating teams were over the roof. There was only one game for the lower bracket due to problems with the [ … ]

Marja Hero Guide

June 27, 2018 Green 1

Marja’s Item Builds Marja’s Stats and Abilities Overview Marja is a mage/tank who is able to cast an unending barrage of spells due to not being constrained by mana. With the ability to leech health [ … ]

Weekly Takeaways (Week 3)

June 26, 2018 Keywork Denizen 0

Hello and welcome to another edition of Samurai Gamers’ Weekly Takeaways! Week 3 of Kaisaya’s AOV Online Community Tournament has gone, and with it we saw a couple of things. From another hero making his [ … ]

Day 13 Round-Up

June 25, 2018 Keywork Denizen 0

As the tournament nears its conclusion, competition from the winner’s and loser’s bracket are getting more intense and action-packed. This day has games from both brackets, and all of them are worth watching with how [ … ]

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