Gym Challenge

What is the Gym Challenge?

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Who’s Going To Be the Next Galar Champion? In most games in the Pokemon series, gym battles are essential in progress through the story. You have to battle the strongest trainers in the city called [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Character List

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Characters Bridges Name of Character Description Sam The protagonist of Death Stranding, he serves as a deliveryman for Bridges. Amelie An affiliate of Bridges and the next president of the United Cities of America. Die-Hardman [ … ]

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Game Category Icon

Who are Your Rivals?

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Meet the Rivals Having a rival is a staple in the Pokemon series. The rival is another trainer that regularly challenges you to Pokemon battles as you both strive to become the Pokemon champion. Defeating [ … ]

the death stranding term

What is the Death Stranding?

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The Death Stranding Phenomenon At an unspecified time, a supernatural event called the death stranding struck the earth. The phenomenon opened a one-way bridge from “the other side” to the earth which trapped or stranded [ … ]

Chiral Network

What is the Chiral Network?

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The Chiral Network Bridget, the former president of the United Cities of America, dreamed of a country united again even after the disaster known as the death stranding left the land in shambles. She, along [ … ]

Death Stranding - Walkthrough and Guide

Sam Character Information

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Sam The protagonist of Death Stranding, Sam is a deliveryman for Bridges who is tasked with continuing Amelie’s mission of connecting all cities in America through the Chiral Network and thereby creating a larger United [ … ]

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