Arena of Valor (AoV) - New “Asia” Server Added (Includes Australia and New Zealand)

A heretofore unannounced Asia server, which includes Australia and New Zealand, was quietly implemented during the latest version update.

New “Asia” Server Added (Includes Australia and New Zealand)

The most recent update brought with it a heretofore unannounced new “Asia” server:

According to posts on the official Discord and subreddit, the new server is primarily for players in “Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, [and] Brunei.” It is operated by Tencent, unlike the separate Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines servers, which are operated by Garena.

Opening a Tencent-operated version of Arena of Valor and logging out of your current account will give you the option of selecting the new Asia server to log into:

Arena of Valor Asia Server selection

As many on the server will be experienced Arena of Valor players looking for a better connection, the server offers copious rewards for the next thirty days:

The above image shows rewards that can be received in addition to normal rewards for leveling up, effectively doubling (or more, depending on what you think of level 2 Arcana) the speed at which you can collect in-game resources.

The 30-day event also includes Progress Quests, which provide gold, hero shards, and more on the way to the adorable Alice Explorer skin.

The current hero pool on the Asia server is identical to the North America server, boasting 67 heroes (poor Toro). Fourteen heroes are included in the Road to Glory, with the heroes obtainable from this method differing slightly from North America (Violet, for instance, isn’t on the Road to Glory).

Tencent Planning to Merge Servers?

[Full disclosure: this is complete speculation by me, DTwo. I do not have any inside knowledge about the situation, just reading between the lines a bit.]

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple East Asian and Southeast Asian servers run by Garena. The MSP server, in particular, has seen many players leave in favor of servers with higher hero counts or other games altogether. Recently, I noticed that the Tencent logo appeared when booting MSP’s AoV client, where previously a Garena logo appeared.

It seems to me that Tencent may be preparing to merge the MSP and Asia servers and run it under Tencent, especially since most residents of Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines can speak fluent English.

With most of the developed world covered, that leaves only Japan as a major market without a dedicated server. That said, perhaps Tencent plans on expanding the current Asia server to include Japan in the future.

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What about india


i do hope “merging” here means we can retain our progress. but seeing how it is with Garena’s AoV for MY/SG/PH, i am doubltful. AoV for MY/SG/PH launched with just FB login only. then they added Garena login but did not allow migration. and it seems with the Tencent version, there’s Google Play integration, but missing Garena login option.

what a mess… any player who invested $$$ and time would sure be very frustrated.