Terra Character Information

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Terra Profile Keyblades Used Earthshaker Ends of the Earth, Chaos Ripper Appears in Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts coded, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Japanese Voice [ … ]

Brawl Stars - Tier List

Brawl Stars Tier Lists

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Brawler Event Tier Lists Gem Grab Solo / Duo Showdown Heist Bounty Big Game Brawl Ball Robo Rumble Introduction As with any game with a varied roster, the Brawlers of Brawl Stars vary in effectiveness. [ … ]

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Brawler Tier List – Showdown: Duo

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Brawler Tier List – Show Down: Duo Duo Showdown is the same free for all as Solo, but five pairs of Brawlers fight each other rather than 10 individuals. Some find much more usefulness in [ … ]

Brawler Tier List: Bounty

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Brawler Tier List – Bounty Bounty is all about getting as many kills as possible to collect stars. As such, brawlers adept at Bounty will be those who can safely and consistently pick off the [ … ]

Leon Strategies Guide

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View Leon’s Stats and Attributes Overview Leon is a high damage Brawler who specializes in stealth. The boy can go invisible with his smoke bomb, Strengths Sneak Attack Master – Leon is able to sneak [ … ]

Brock Strategies Guide

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View Brock’s Stats and Attributes Overview Brock is a long range Brawler who deals high amounts of damage with his shoulder mounted rocket launcher. He can either burst heroes down with high damage explosions or [ … ]

Mortis Strategies Guide

December 19, 2018 Green 0

View Mortis’ Stats and Attributes Overview Mortis is a melee Brawler with a rather unique attack style. He swoops forward as he swings his shovel, gaining ground with each attack. Life Blood allows him to [ … ]

Dynamike Strategies Guide

December 19, 2018 Green 0

View Dynamike’s Stats and Attributes Overview Dynamike is an aggressive hero who lobs bundles of dynamite at enemies. With careful aim, he can deal large amounts of damage to enemies from safely behind cover. Big [ … ]

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