[League of Legends / LoL] Best Tips to Get Better at the Game | Training Methods, Important Elements, Advice, Recommended Skills

This page contains some tips on how to get better and improve your game in League of Legends, including training methods, important elements to consider, advice and recommended skills that you should practice. Note that these are tips to help you get better in the game in general, as our in-depth Champion guides will provide more detail on strategies and builds in a separate section.

Best Tips to Get Better at the Game

Learn a Champion one at a time

With a current roster of 137 Champions in League of Legends, it is always tempting to try out as many of them as you can. The drawback in doing this is it helps you to become a jack-of-all-trades, but a master-of-none. Since League of Legends is a highly-competitive and intricate Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, it is more of an advantage to master one Champion before deciding to try out another. This helps you to be more reliable in your team despite always queuing with the same character (and therefore the same playstyle), especially in Ranked Matches. Learning one Champion should be enough for you to learn the general mechanics of the game, such as laning, and mid to late game play, and most importantly last hitting.

If you are a beginner, you might want to consider the recommended Champions for beginners here.

You can check more general strategy guides while learning your Champion below.

Don’t forget to check-out our Champion Builds Strategy Guide pages for in-depth strategies, playstyles, rune and item builds and other tips here.

Try to perfect last-hitting

Last-Hitting should among the main skills that players should master if they wish to participate in high-level play. This skill is best understood when comparing it to a basketball player who excels in three-point shooting, more so than other players in the game. A basketball player who is able to reliably score three-point shots for his team to get ahead will and always be an important asset in the game at any time. Likewise, a player who is constantly able to perform last hits will be able to farm gold more efficiently, and obtain more powerful items earlier than most players in a match to gain the advantage for his team. This is easily related to the first topic (Learn a Champion one at a time), as you will need to acquaint yourself very well with the attack timing of your chosen Champion, as well as how much health they can take out for you to successfully judge if your attack will indeed kill the minion in one hit.

Our guides below will get into more detail about last-hitting and making the most out of every minion kill in the game.

Always pay attention to the game map (even if you are not the Jungler)

There is always be a clear advantage in team games when you can observe everything that the enemy team is doing. It is very important to know if the opposing side is trying to maximize and complete objectives, trying to gain dominance of a particular lane, or is assembling a gank on one of your teammates. In addition to this, try to anticipate any enemy champion combos that are more than capable of shutting you down, should they synergize their skills and abilities at the right moment. This helps you to better assess and respond to every changing situation minute-by-minute. Strongly tied to this is the ability to strategically place wards to have the most vision at any time of the game. This helps you elude possible ganks – a rather costly and typically inescapable fate since you will have been dumbfounded by being caught off guard without any help nearby.

Below is our to maximize your view of the map during matches.

Communication is King

The single most important thing to consider during team-oriented games is that good communication is the key to the best synergy you will have with other players on your side. It is always a disadvantage to just try and “feel” your teammates’ playstyles and strategy. Try to create a positive air early on in the game to have all your teammates encouraged and motivated to stick to a strategy. As a general rule, always “ask”, do not “command”.

Keep in mind that communicating with your teammates is not limited to strategizing. Often times, some of your teammates (or even you) will tilt. It is therefore at least someone else’s job to keep the team together and encourage them to focus on the game. This is a very difficult task, since almost all players tilting will be blaming one or more members of their team for their bad game, leading to worse arguments through the chat. As much as you can, always remember that League of Legends is just a game. It is no reason to spend extreme amounts of energy arguing with someone who will not see his or her own faults to immediately correct it. At the end of it all, just try to enjoy the match anyway even if everything is going wrong.

In relation to this, if you are faced with an inescapable losing streak for the longest time, you might want to read our How to Break Your Losing Streak guide.

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