[League of Legends / LoL] Champion Roles Basics

Champion Roles Basics

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You are free to play any champion in normal and casual games. However, in ranked and professional matches, there are roles that you must fill in order to have a better and more fun gameplay experience. These are called roles.

Many games have this kind of mechanic that encourages you to fulfill your role and work together. In shooter games, there are engineers, medics, and heavy machine gunners. The same also applies with other MOBAs such as DOTA and Heroes of the Storm where there are roles in each lane that you have to follow.

In League of Legends, there are five roles, namely – Top, Jungle, Mid, Attack Damage Carry, and Support. We will be looking deeper into these roles and see what they must bring to the game.

Top Lane

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Top Laners serve as the bruisers in the game. They have the perfect blend of tankiness and damage. More often, they are considered as a sleeper lane in the early game because the top lane is somewhat passive early on in the game. But once they start roaming the map, all hell breaks loose.

Recommended champions to play for top lane are juggernauts and bruisers. Some prefer Assassins and Tanky mages. Quinn and Vayne are sometimes used in the top lane because their kit allows them to kite easily at 1v1s.


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Junglers concentrate on getting their gold and experience through neutral monsters. They are also responsible for ganking lanes and securing buffs for himself or for his team mates. Junglers usually uses Smite as their primary summoner spells, since they need it for clearing out neutral monsters easier.

Every champion can be used in the jungle, but having a champion with a great waveclear and sustain is better if you don’t want to be behind in terms of gold and experience.

Mid Lane

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The Mid Lane is considered to be one of the most explosive lanes in League of Legends. Professional players like Bjergsen and Faker are prime examples of how this lane is considered to be very important. Mid Laners are required to either deal a ton of magic damage to enemies or initiate a team fight.

Champions who scale well with Ability Power and have a lot of damage on their abilities are usually used in this lane. Some choose AD mid laners if their team already has a lot of magic damage.

Attack Damage Carry 

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Attack Damage Carries are the main damage dealers of the game. Although they possess high damage, they are  very squishy and requires peeling from the support. They have the ability to sometimes win a 1v2 situation with the right items. As an ADC, you don’t want to be the first person dying in a team fight since it can spell disaster for your whole team.

There are a number of ADCs you can use in the game. Champions like Miss Fortune, Caitlyn are your best bet. Some people also like to pick Mordekaiser or Ziggs in the bot lane, though they are considered as niche picks and are not recommended especially if you are new to the game.


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Supports are the unsung heroes of League of Legends. They are the ones responsible for protecting their team by granting them buffs and heals. They can also be the main initiators and tanks of the game. They are often the least wanted role in League of Legends because they have no capacity to carry a game, but sometimes the contribution of the support in a team can be considered game changing.

Supports are usually the ones who have little to no damage, but have a kit that focuses on helping the team offensively or defensively. They also do not need deep itemization, since support items are aimed at helping the team.

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