League of Legends - Patch 7.21 Highlights: News

Highlights of the biggest changes in the latest patch (7.21) deployed in League of Legends, including Ardent Censer and Deathsworn skins.


As the season and the World Championships are about to end, Riot has released Patch 7.21 that aims to fix a few issues on some champions and items. This patch deploy will be mainly addressing the overpowered Ardent Censer while also dealing with meta champions such as Sejuani and Galio.

Riot has stated that this patch will only address minor issues, in order to give way to patch 7.22 which will include the newly-introduced rune system. Patch 7.21 will serve as the final patch for season 7 before the pre-season starts after the conclusion of Worlds. Here are the biggest changes in upcoming patch 7.21:

Ardent Censer is Getting a Major Power Reduction

Ardent Censer has been a priority item in a lot of bot lane match-ups because of its huge power spike. It was evident in the group stages and playoffs of Worlds, as it was a priority build in almost all of the games. It even came to a point where the ADC had to build a relic shield to contribute gold to the support.

In order to create a more healthy game environment in Solo queues and professional matches, Riot has decided to nerf Ardent Censer. Ardent Censer will have less on-hit damage and attack speed buff.

Ardent Censer Icon
Attack Speed Buff  20-35% ⇒ 10-30%
On-hit Magic Damage Buff 20-35  5-20

This nerf will give way to more tanky champions and tank support items finally getting another chance in solo queue. The item won’t be disappearing anytime soon, however, because it is still a viable option in some games.

Sejuani and Galio Tweaks

Sejuani and Galio have been staple picks in casual and professional games because of their versatile kit and playstyle. These champions are also picked in high tier games because they provide a lot of crowd control. Thus, Riot has decided to nerf both these champions in patch 7.21 in order to decrease the amount of players abusing them.

Galio’s Winds of War and Justice Punch’s base damage will decrease. The physical damage reduction of Shield of Durand will also decrease. Despite the nerfs, all of the ability power ratios besides his ultimate will have increased ratios.

Sejuani’s base magic resistance and armor is decreased, but her passive, which grants the same stats, will improve at later levels. The base damage of Permafrost was also reduced.

Tales From the Rift 2017

Halloween is fast approaching, and Riot has a new line of skins to celebrate the festivity. Deathsworn Katarina, Viktor, and Zed will be hitting the rift this patch 7.21. These new line of skins will feature ghastly character models, much like the champions in Shadow Isles. These skin releases are only limited, and might hit the legacy vault after the event.

There are still no news to how much Riot Points they will cost. Be sure to check them out in the newest patch.

Deathsworn Katarina

Katarina Champion Skin - Deathsworn Katarina (Patch 7.21)
Photo Grabbed from League of Legends

Deathsworn Zed

Katarina Champion Skin - Deathsworn Zed (Patch 7.21)
Photo Grabbed from League of Legends

Deathsworn Viktor

Katarina Champion Skin - Deathsworn Viktor (Patch 7.21)
Photo grabbed from League of Legends

Check the full patch notes here.

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