[League of Legends / LoL] How to Kill Epic Monsters – Rift Herald

This page contains a guide on how to kill the Rift Herald in League of Legends (LoL), including epic monster stats, abilities, rewards gained when killed, and strategy on how to defeat it.

How to Kill Epic Monsters – Rift Herald


Name Rift Herald
HP 10000 – 16000
Damage 100 – 250
Attack Speed 0.5
Range 250
Armor 60
Magic Resist 50
Movement Speed 325
  • Leeroy: At the start of the fight, Rift Herald winds up and charges forward, knocking aside enemies she passes through and damaging them for double her attack damage.
  • Enrage: At certain health thresholds, Rift Herald winds up for an attack that deals triple her attack damage in a cone in front of her.
Gained When Slain
  • Enhanced Recall
  • Eye of the Herald (Trinket)
Bounty 100 Gold / 200 EXP
Location Appears in Summoner’s Rift after 10 minutes.



  • Note that the Rift Herald’s minimum level is 6, and will take reduced damage (35%) from ranged basic attacks.
  • After 3 seconds in combat, the it will expose the eye on its back, where it will be extremely vulnerable. It will close after taking a certain amount of damage.
  • It is possible to solo the it without any help from your teammates, though it is almost always a good idea to take it on with help.
  • Rift Herald’s basic attacks will have bonus physical damage (4% of the current HP of the target). It will permanently disappear from the match after around 20 minutes, being replaced by Baron Nashor (the most powerful epic monster in the game) where it despawned.
  • The most reliable strategy to kill it is to have one teammate distract it, while another attacks the eye on its back when it is exposed.
  • Rift Herald usually targets minions and towers, and constantly loses HP over time. It will take additional damage when it attacks towers with its headbutt attack.
  • Killing the it will grant 50 gold to each team member of the team that killed it, as well as giving Doom’s Eve to the Champion that landed the last hit. Doom’s Eve gives 10% increased damage, enhanced movement speed and enhanced recall for that Champion. Rift Herald will respawn after 5 minutes. It will permanently be replaced with Baron Nashor at around 20 minutes.
  • After killing the Rift Herald, you will be able to obtain the Eye of the Herald, a trinket that allows you to summon the powerful monster to push a lane. It is a rather formidable foe against the enemy team as it has high HP, and will likely give them a big problem to protect their towers.

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