[League of Legends / LoL] Last Hit Guide

This page contains a guide on how to perform a Last Hit in League of Legends (LoL), including basic explanations, mechanics, techniques and tips and tricks to improve your game.

Last Hit Guide

As a beginner, last-hitting a minion can be frustratingly hard especially when they are under the turret. This leads to gold depravity and a longer time to finish your build. Being low on your Creep Score also presents your enemy champion as it gives them clear advantage on their item builds.

Learning how to last hit a minion is a very important skill to acquire. 15 CS is almost equivalent, at least gold-wise, to a champion kill (which gives a 300 Gold Bonus). While last-hitting a minion seems easy, it can prove to be a difficult task especially to a beginner. Your minion wave will for most of the times kill the unit you have been targeting. There are two ways to go around this. You can either opt to damage the units in the backline or wait for your minion wave to damage the units and pick them off one by one with either a skill or an auto-attack. This would mean knowing how much damage each skill and auto-attack does.

Patience is the key when farming minions, especially during the early laning phase when your minion wave has to do most of the damage to your enemy units. Wrong timing can also prove to be your worst enemy as releasing your skill or auto-attack too late or too early will get you to lose that unit.

Note that your enemy champion will try to exert pressure on you to keep away from the minion wave so be wary of their movements. Constantly move around so they cannot focus on you. On the other hand, you should also retaliate with your own skills to starve them of gold. While you’re farming, always keep in mind where you are positioned. Ward the bushes as an enemy jungler can come out of them and gank, spelling an instant death for your champion. For warding tips, click here.

Also take note of your skillset and use them wisely while farming. Annie the Dark Child’s (Q) Disintegrate, for example, refunds your Mana Cost and halves the cooldown if you kill your target.

Wait for the minion’s health to drop low before using an auto-attack.

Just like most things, the art of last-hitting minions needs some practice. When pushed towards your turret, you can wait for your turret to damage the minions before swooping in for the last hit. Again, be patient with farming as the gold you earn can really give you and your team a disadvantage.

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