[League of Legends / LoL] Basic Gameplay Mechanics

This article contains a list of the basic gameplay mechanics in League of Legends, including armor, armor penetration, damage, etc.

 Basic Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Stat Mechanics

Health This is the amount of life of a champion or a minion
Mana This is the amount that determines how much skills and abilities you can use.
Ability Power Ability Power is the magic damage of your skills. This is usually highlighted in green on skill descriptions.
Attack Damage Attack Damage is the physical damage you deal. It is highlighted in orange on skill descriptions.
Armor Armor determines how much physical damage you can negate.
Magic Resistance Magic resistance, on the other hand, deterimines how much magic damage you can negate.
Attack Speed Attack speed is how fast you auto attack.
Critical Damage Critical Damage that deals twice your normal damage.
Critical Chance Critical Chance is how often you can proc your Critical Damage.

Advance Stat Mechanics

Lifesteal Lifesteal restores health after every basic attacks.
Spell Vamp Spell Vamp restores health after casting an ability.
On-hit Effects On-hit effects are effects like slows and magic damage that triggers when you use your auto-attack.
Tenacity Tenacity can also be classified as a form of crowd control resist.
Lethality Lethality is a form of armor penetration that deals damage based on the level of the enemy you are attacking.
Magic Penetration Magic Penetration determines how much magic damage you can deal with magic resistance items.

Crowd Control Mechanics

Slow Slow reduces the movement speed of the champion affected.
Stun A unit stunned will be unable to cast skills, move, attack, or use his summoner spells.
Root Root disables the enemy’s ability to move. He also can’t use flash or teleport for the duration.
Brittle Brittle increases the duration and damage of all hard crowd controls.
Knockup Knockup stuns the enemy while putting them up in the air.
Knockback Knockback moves the enemy away from the attacker.
Silence Silence disables the enemy from using their abilities and items. They can’t also use their summoner spells.
Fear Fear makes enemies walk away from you. In the duration, they are also unable to cast their abilities and attack enemies.
Taunt Taunt makes enemies attack you. It also disables them from using their abilities and flash/teleport.

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