[League of Legends / LoL] Star Guardian Themed Game Mode Coming to League of Legends

Star Guardian Themed Game Mode Coming to League of Legends

Star Guardian banner

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A new game mode along with a new set of Star Guardian skins will be hitting League of Legends pretty soon.

According to their official Public Beta Testing (PBE) Forum, the game mode will be called “Invasion” and will feature new maps and monsters. It will be a five player co-op battle where you will be dropped in a series of “encounters” and battle it out until you are ready to face the final boss.

This game mode will come along with the new set of Star Guardian skins that was announced earlier. The champions who will be receiving the skins are Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka, and Syndra.

There will now be a total 10 Star Guardian skins in the game, coming at second place with the most number of skins after the Arcade line of skins.

The Four Different Encounters

The game is made up of seven different encounters and will be followed by the final boss.

The encounters are survival, escape, defense, and boss. you must simply defeat all enemy waves in survival. In escape, you are required to stay inside the Star Guardian protective shield while it moves towards the escape point. Leaving the shield will cause you to take damage until you enter the shield again.

Defense is similar to the first and second encounter, wherein you must defeat all enemies without leaving the protective shield. The boss is encounter is pretty straightforward – you have to defeat the final boss.

There will also be an Onslaught mode where the mode will be harder. You need to at least play one game of Invasion in order to unlock it.

The new game mode, along with the new line of skins, will hit the PBE servers soon.

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